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React Ninjas Newsletter

November 26 · Issue #80 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for React pros.

Redux usage with TypeScript
The Builder Pattern in JavaScript
Giacomo Alonzi
What a flerken are React PropTypes and how to use them in a fancy way?
| #frontend #developer #js # javascript
3:32 PM - 27 Jun 2019
Now we're hooking: Redux catches on
JavaScript Errors: an exceptional history - Part II
Real-world reports
Avoiding making your Next.js build slower
Avoid prop drilling in React with Context API
I created the exact same app in React and Svelte
Gabriel Porras
Adaptive Loading: Improving Web Performance on low-end devices. This post incldues a new (experimental) set of #reactjs Hooks & Utilities for adding this techniques to your #React apps: Via @addyosmani
11:04 PM - 25 Nov 2019
10 tips & tricks that'll make you a better React dev
Converting your Javascript React app to TypeScript
The Next.js handbook
Secure your React Native app
Unit Testing React-Redux Hooks
#html 15 performance tips which you need to know when building React.js application Comments
12:11 PM - 25 Nov 2019
Using the URL object in JavaScript
Make illegal states unrepresentable
Cheatsheet: 15 operations on JavaScript arrays
Storybook for design
Material UI release v4.7.0
Combining React Hooks With AppInsights
Ionic Blog
New Ionic Blog Post: "Progressive Web Apps in Ionic React" by Mike Hartington
11:13 PM - 20 Nov 2019
Gatsby and the new era of site generators
Nx 8.8: write UI Tests with Storybook and Cypress
SuspenseList gotcha with React.lazy
Exploring the caching in the browser
Progressively enhancing desktop devices
React Day Berlin, December 6, 2019 React Day Berlin, December 6, 2019
ECMAScript modules in Node: my personal rabbit hole
Keeping React Redux healthy
Duration: 26 minutes
React and TypeScript for fun and profit
Duration: 40 minutes
Scalable Redux for large web applications
Duration: 20 minutes
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