Recursive paths with React Router, React & facial recognition, why React Native needs C++ & more

Hi, I'm Andrés. I'm currently busy with building developer platform Jexia. 
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Hi, I’m Andrés. I’m currently busy with building developer platform Jexia

Understanding React Hooks
Can Redux be used on the server?
IT&feel CA
Changes made to React Native Community’s GitHub organization in 2018 for driving better collaboration
9:01 AM - 9 Jan 2019
Recursive paths with React Router
Background sync with service workers
Get ready for concurrent rendering in React
How to migrate from Recompose to React Hooks
The design team wants you to use FramerX, now what?
Creating a declarative oscillator component with React Hooks
Dan Abramov
Should I use multiple useState or useReducer?

For independent things (isHovering and textInput), multiple useState.

For things that change together (isFetching and fetchedItems), or if their next state depends on previous (todos), I prefer useReducer.
12:52 PM - 10 Jan 2019
Navigating from screen to screen using React Navigation library
Keep your design system consistent with visual regression testing
Testing your React apps like a boss with Jest
Facial recognition SPA using React & face-api.js
Controlling web audio with React and Redux middleware
A guide on setting up a React and PHP web app
Build a fullstack banking web app with Plaid & the MERN stack
Storybook 4.1: Need for Speed
Expo SDK v32.0.0 is now available
Axios in React - bring your data to the front
React + ReasonML + Symbolic AI = Magic 🧙‍♂️✨✨ Read a great post by our own @actionshrimp on adding automated reasoning to your web development flow @reasonml @ReasonLDN @reactjs
4:58 PM - 9 Jan 2019
Backend in the frontend: implementing Raft in JS
Serve modern code to modern browsers for faster page loads
Why React Native needs C++
The curious case of reusable JavaScript state management
How I built an async form validation library in ~100 lines of code with React Hooks
Remote jobs
Plaid - Software Engineer - UI
Front-end Engineer -
Dan Abramov
This DevTools integration with Hooks is so cool. It lets your own custom Hooks *report* a readable value back to DevTools. For example an animation Hook could provide a readable representation of current animation state.
1:18 PM - 10 Jan 2019
Thanx - Senior Full-Stack Engineer
GumGum - Backend Software Engineer
Brian Vaughn
Hooks support is coming to DevTools soon! Here's a demo that uses a couple of @gabe_ragland's sample hooks 🙂

You can follow along here if you're interested:
8:03 PM - 9 Jan 2019
Senior React Native Developer - Quimbee
OmniSci - software engineer II & III - front end
Senior Web Frontend (React, Typescript) - Language Drops
NationJS React 2018: BFF - GraphQL Backend-for-Frontend with React UI by Chienyi Cheri Hung
React Solutions - Coding for large enterprises — Oleksandr Bardanov
AmsterdamJS Meetup: Web IoT, Mass scale JS Refactoring
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