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Andrés currently applies his knowledge to build developer platform Jexia. Just learning React? Join h
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August 17 · Issue #18 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for React pros.

Andrés currently applies his knowledge to build developer platform Jexia. Just learning React? Join his newsletter ’Master the World of ReactJS’.

Fairytale about performance in web application
How styled-components works: A deep dive under the hood
Learning to Love Recompose
Using React Vis from ClojureScript
React Performance Fix: dialogs can hurt your app
Dan Abramov
An example of refactoring away from unnecessary componentWillReceiveProps or getDerivedStateFromProps to a regular top-down data flow:
7:13 PM - 16 Aug 2018
Building a highly responsive sheet view with React Native
Encapsulating an imperative API inside a reusable component
Refactoring Redux selectors with preserve whole object pattern
React Native — Making your app fast again
Conceptualizing Unit Tests with Redux Sagas
Zach Johnston
Published my first @framer X code component called Browsers. It allows you to preview any design in a Safari browser with a random wallpaper from @unsplash (thanks @fverloop).

This component solves a problem I've had for years and it only took a few hours to build. I'm in love.
8:08 PM - 15 Aug 2018
Control render thrashing & rendering performance
Mastering React Functional Components with Recompose
A Redux State organization proposal
Empower devs and designers to become best friends
Designers are from Saturn, Developers are from Jupiter
Tools, Uber’s Visualization Framework
Gems: Open Sourcing Gems Modules – Gems
11 React Native Component Libraries You Should Know in 2018
How toolkits (like react-scripts) work - YouTube
Jack Franklin
🎉 Announcing "React in Five" ⏰. Ten short, succinct vids covering React tips and tricks you might not know.

📖Read the blog post:
📹Watch the first 4 vids FOR FREE:
🤓Head to the course page to buy now:
11:55 AM - 14 Aug 2018
JS Roundabout #14 - Atomic Design and React - YouTube
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