React Profiler, React Native 0.57.0, caching React events & more

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News & fundamentals
Introducing the React Profiler
Use the React Profiler to generate flame charts and interactions
Mike Grabowski
React Native 0.57.0 is out on npm with great improvements on the way!

Thanks to the whole React Native team for shipping it! 🎉🎉
2:05 PM - 12 Sep 2018
Expo SDK 30.0.0 is now available
Lazy Loading Images with IntersectionObserver
Implement Better Drag and Drop in your React App
How we boosted the performance of our React Native app
The 100% correct way to split your chunks with Webpack
Dan Abramov
My biggest regret with Redux is explaining it in terms of API instead of how to “think in it”. I underestimated the temptation to twist it into a familiar conceptual model — and that it’s flexible enough to allow these contortions.
7:42 PM - 11 Sep 2018
Implementing a React progress bar managed through Redux
Cache your React event listeners to improve performance
Dan Abramov
When 10 people say “I dislike Redux” they might mean 10 completely different things. And they often have nothing to do with Redux itself, but with how the code they worked with is structured, or with the examples they learned from.
7:46 PM - 11 Sep 2018
Strongly-typed finite-state machines with Redux and TypeScript
Write Modularized Code to Clean up your JavaScript imports!
React: Create maintainable, high-performance UI components
How to prevent a rerender in React - RWieruch
Map the News
Dan Abramov
How is code splitting UI with Suspense different from current approaches to lazy loading? I try to explain:
3:58 AM - 13 Sep 2018
A consistent style guide with React & styled components - Part 1
Build a React Native Twitter UI replica
Making an interactive Chrome extension with React
Dan Abramov
If you copy paste some action creators and reducers handling FETCH actions over and over and over again, you’re probably using Redux in a different way than I imagined people would do. I’m sorry for all the repetitive code you felt you needed to write. That’s my fault.
8:40 PM - 11 Sep 2018
How to build a debuggable styled component
Scaling French rap's language barrier with React and Redux
Tricks & tools
React Native: save your Time with these 24 terminal Tricks
Setting props in Framer X
Dan Abramov
Same goes for having 20 actions with types like SET_A, SET_B, SET_C, and dispatching them from a long-ass async action creator. Also not how I imagined people would do it. Again, sorry I didn’t explain this clearly.
8:41 PM - 11 Sep 2018
Javascript linting and formatting with ESLint, Prettier, and Airbnb
11 Javascript data visualization libraries for 2018
Accessibility: beyond the basics
Jen Luker - Accessibility: Beyond the Basics - YouTube
Conditional JS callbacks with Reanimated in React Native
Conditional JavaScript Callbacks with Reanimated in React Native - YouTube
Building JavaScript bundles for web apps and React Native
Rafael de Oleza - Building JavaScript bundles for React Native - YouTube
React Native, the native bits
Emil Sjölander - React Native, The Native Bits - YouTube
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