React Native's new architecture, new Hooks alpha, a React PWA & more

Hi, I’m Andrés. I’m currently busy with building developer platform Jexia. 
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Hi, I’m Andrés. I’m currently busy with building developer platform Jexia

React Native's new architecture
How React Native constructs app layouts (and how Fabric is about to change this)
Dan Abramov
Heads up: react@16.8.0-alpha.0 and react-dom@16.8.0-alpha.0 are out — for people who want the latest build with Hooks enabled. (🚧The warnings about using alphas apply.)

We’re back from vacations and are focused on getting Hooks into a stable release as our biggest priority.
12:11 AM - 10 Jan 2019
Don’t eject your Create React App
Interactive text animation with React Hooks
Compound components with useContext Hook
Brian Vaughn
⚛️ New hooks alpha just published – 16.8.0-alpha.1

• Added useDebugValue hook
• Renamed useImperativeMethods -> useImperativeHandle
12:24 AM - 16 Jan 2019
High performing masonry layouts with Gatsby
Interactive Isoline Grid with HERE + React + Leaflet
Activity feed with, Laravel and React, part 1 — setup
FBT · An internationalization framework
WYSIWYG text editors in React's ecosystem
Top JavaScript trends to watch in 2019
Maintaining large JavaScript applications
Ryan Florence

React TypeScript has SFC for "Stateless Functional Component" 🤦‍♂️

I always hated that name, no wonder everybody treated it like some official name and I sounded like a goofball telling people it was a poor name for components.

Are there plans to change it given hooks?
10:20 PM - 12 Jan 2019
The technology choices we regret at Spectrum
Hand-picked remote jobs
Creating 3D data visualization in WebVR using React, A-Frame and D3. In this talk you get to know VR-Viz, a high-level react component for building 3D visualization.
Visualization system for data visualization in VR at Futurice Tech Weeklies
React and TypeScript by Dylan Schiemann, presented at React Vienna.
React and TypeScript by Dylan Schiemann @dylans
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