React micro frontends and monorepos, Relay V8.0.0, state of Storybook & more

If you celebrate it... Wishing you a merry Christmas! 🎄🎄🎄
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December 24 · Issue #84 · View online
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If you celebrate it… Wishing you a merry Christmas! 🎄🎄🎄

On let vs const
Theming in React Native explained
Dan Abramov
📝⚛️ New on Overreacted: What Is JavaScript Made Of?
2:04 AM - 21 Dec 2019
Matching React microfrontends and monorepos
Advanced TypeScript types: union & intersection
Use web workers to run JS off a browser's main thread
Real-world reports
How I structure my React code
Setting up a JavaScript monorepo with Lerna
Solving React Hooks' invalid hook call warning
Replacing Redux with observables and React Hooks
Bundling JavaScript for performance: best practices
Porting a JavaScript app to WebAssembly with Rust
Learn React Portals by example
How to use atomic design in React projects
Kent C. Dodds 🧢
"Why users care about how you write code"
5:52 PM - 1 May 2019
Adaptive loading: better web perf on slow devices
Importing other Webpack bundle's chunks at runtime
V8 release v8.0
Introducing an alternative to NEXT.js
Robin Wieruch
The State of JS is out 🎉

21.000 people went through this survey. There are definitely some great insights in there on where JS land is heading 2020.
4:29 PM - 19 Dec 2019
Gatsby and the new era of site generators
RT.js: practical real-time scheduling for web apps
State of Storybook 2019
Why I always use TypeScript
Scott de Jonge
"The increasing popularity of design tokens and the drive towards a standard format for design systems mean that design APIs are just around the corner."

Very interesting write up on the evolution design systems using APIs.
3:25 AM - 24 Dec 2019
Micro-frontends decisions framework
Why we forked Firefox and not Chromium
Binary arithmetic in TypeScript’s type system - Josh Goldberg
Duration: 19 minutes
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