React at Facebook's F8 conf, solve problems w/ Promise.allSettled(), Pastel & more

Hi, I’m your curator Andrés, currently building developer platform Jexia.
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Hi, I’m your curator Andrés, currently building developer platform Jexia.

F8 conference video: intro to React Hooks
React Navigation vs. React Native Navigation
F8 conference video: building the new
Dan Abramov
Is Concurrent Mode just a workaround for “virtual DOM diffing” overhead? Some people got that impression. Let me clarify why we’re working on it. (Thread)
10:44 AM - 24 Apr 2019
JavaScript minification
How to use React Context effectively
James Wright
Did someone say "@ReactJSgirls live stream"?!
11:21 AM - 3 May 2019
Identify and resolve wasted renders in React
NextJS deployment pipeline on S3 with Gitlab-CI
How to optimize your JavaScript apps using Loops
Dan Abramov
Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming redesign of, fully powered by React and Relay. Expect to hear more about how we’re building it soon.
7:53 PM - 30 Apr 2019
Solve* all your problems with Promise.allSettled()
Loading images gracefully with react-image-appear
Spotify-web-sdk to handle requests to Spotify Web API
Using React Hooks in Ionic React
Skeleton loading pages with React
Brian Vaughn
⚛️🛠 Merged a PR from @sompylasar today that fixes a long-standing problem with the DevTools DOM highlighting behavior. DevTools beta now highlights all DOM elements rendered by a components (rather than just the first one)!
3:37 AM - 3 May 2019
Build AR applications with React-Native
Visualize data w/ React Native charts, Cube.js & Victory
Release Electron 5.0.0
Filth Finder, a React app with a Rails backend
Using Parcel as bundler for React Applications
Vadim Demedes
🍰 I'm so happy to finally release and share Pastel with you! Pastel is a framework for building CLIs with Ink and React. Your API is a filesystem. Each file in `commands` folder is a command. Assign `propTypes` to add command options. Magical.

More at
5:12 AM - 30 Apr 2019
Storybook as a powerful visual testing platform
Testing an online chainsaw store using
New ways to bring immersive web content into VR
Why I prefer React over Vue
Is Angular dying because of React?
Seriously - do React hooks replace state containers?
F8 conference video: unlock the future of WebXR
F8 video: FB using React Native, ComponentKit & Litho
Designing with React || Mark Dalgleish
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