React 16.6, LinkedIn's creator-side optimization, React audio libraries & more

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October 26 · Issue #28 · View online
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Introducing Hooks
React-spring 6.0 is out of beta
TypeScript support using Babel 7
Nico Chaves
Wow, #TypeScript support just got merged into Create React App 🎉
Should lead to even more TS and #reactjs adoption

@brunolemos was amazingly persistent & patient throughout the PR. Really cool to see such civil back-and-forth
7:59 PM - 21 Oct 2018
React v16.6.0: lazy, memo and contextType
WebAssembly, JavaScript links get faster in Firefox
Functional React. Is it possible?
Understanding React render props and HOC
Getting to know React DOM’s event handling system inside out
Package and distribute Redux modules
Migrating from unsafe React Lifecycle hooks
Use web components to create gradient transitions
Alex Reardon
A new @atlassian blog, "The new Jira begins now", shows some pretty cool internal usages of react-beautiful-dnd in Jira 🤩 #react #jira
12:21 PM - 21 Oct 2018
Sharing code between React web and React Native applications
From idea to App Store: build my first iOS app with React Native
Spreading love in the LinkedIn feed with creator-side optimization
How to build a scalable React UI kit
Building highly customizable React components
Dan Abramov
Hooks are not perfect. This is a first draft. Don’t hurry integrating them — treat them as a field for experimentation. This is the first time in years I’ve felt the same playfulness as in early days of React. Have fun. But also know there are unsolved problems.
7:42 AM - 26 Oct 2018
Create a spreadsheet with React components and let Bit share it
Plug machine learning models to a dashboard with Flask & React
Design systems at FairFX
Interactive prototyping with Framer X
The state of audio libraries in React Native
Dan Abramov
Note: Suspense in 16.6 is meant to be used for code splitting. The data fetching part isn’t ready yet! Don’t use any “cache” package until we document and release it as stable. 🙂 Unless you’re just experimenting.
5:05 AM - 25 Oct 2018
9 bootstrap UI component libraries for 2018
Finally, a React refactoring tool - introducing Glean
Rapidly prototype a full stack CRUD implementation of GraphQL
React 16.6 - What's New? Theory + Practice - YouTube
Serverless server side rendering for ReactJS and CSS Grid in Production at Futurice Tech Weeklies - YouTube
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