React 16.5.0, React-Redux connect(), scoping A/B test code & more

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React 16.5.0 Released
Brian Vaughn
React 16.5 has just been released 😎 🎉

Look for a blog post about using the new DevTools profiler soon!
6:47 PM - 6 Sep 2018
Announcing styled-components v4: better, faster, stronger
7 reasons why React Native wins over Flutter
React-Redux connect(): when and how to use it
These 5 tips will change the way you write React Apps
Custom builds with Webpack
Running unit tests in a browser environment
Kir Belevich
💻 “Using the React DevTools Profiler to Diagnose React App Performance Issues” / usable since today’s React 16.5.0
7:31 PM - 6 Sep 2018
Scoping A/B Test Code in React: a better way
Bridging and creating custom React Native components
Lessons learned: code splitting with Webpack and React
A practical React app architecture
Building a polyfill for React Suspense
Mark Erikson
We're starting the process of rewriting the React-Redux docs from scratch, because they're not very helpful:

What info would be most helpful to include in the new docs? What aspects of React-Redux do you find most confusing?
6:04 PM - 6 Sep 2018
Do-it-yourself: Client-side state management — Part 2
How to write your own reusable React component library
Transitioning from React web to React Native development
Mark Erikson
We're making some progress on a benchmark suite for React-Redux. It's set up in a separate repo at , and we've now got 3 benchmark apps set up.

I'd still appreciate some further help fleshing out the list of benchmarks. Comment there if interested!
7:16 AM - 6 Sep 2018
Build an image recognition app in React Native in 30 minutes
Scalable apps using React — Part 1: Choosing the right tool mix
Downshift: accessible, visually flexible React input components
Using SVG in React Native
Using SVG in React Native - YouTube
"Data driven frontend at scale" by Jesse de Vries
"Data driven frontend at scale" React JS Meetup talk by Jesse de Vries - YouTube
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