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React Ninjas Newsletter

August 24 · Issue #19 · View online
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Folder structure in React apps
Structuring a React project - a definitive guide
Redux for VanillaJS Microservices
Building an interactive fortnite map
Phil Plückthun
Just published "prism-react-renderer" 🎉💖 It renders Prism highlights directly to React, has a downshift-like API (@kentcdodds 🙌), built-in VSCode-like theming, vendored Prism so there's no global-pollution/version conflicts;
9:44 PM - 20 Aug 2018
Complex routing with React Native router flux
Creating flexible and reusable React file uploaders
chantastic @jsconfus
react-beautiful-dnd is brilliant, labored over, and cared for. even if you don't need drag-and-drop, you can learn from @alexandereardon's careful cultivation of the project
7:42 PM - 21 Aug 2018
Creating a design system for ReactJS from scratch
Strengthen TLS in React Native through certificate pinning
Create a great mobile SDK for your SaaS
React Native scrollView expanding item animation
Eve Porcello
My @ReactRally talk on GraphQL & @apollographql is out now! Thanks to everyone who participated in the audience and to all of the members of the band 🥁🎹
7:10 PM - 23 Aug 2018
Here’s how you unit test text input with React Native
Architecture — organizing your React Application - Part 3
Andrew Clark
Tiny modules often include runtime type validation. Like:

if (typeof cb !== 'function') {
throw new Error('Callback is not a function')

But if you're using it inside another project, or with Flow/TypeScript, those checks are pointless. Wasteful.

Copy, paste, and delete!
10:30 PM - 19 Aug 2018
Wrangling with Webpack : emergency-driven Upgrade - Part 1 
React: injecting component props with ES7 decorators - Part 1
Introducing Falconhood
Draft.js: list depth control
Kent C. Dodds
Here's my @ReactRally talk "Simply React" ⚛️
I tell a familiar story about an <Accordion /> component that you can probably relate to. Then I explain how it could have gone better.
I think you'll enjoy this!
#apropcalypse #propsexplosion #ReactJS
10:01 PM - 22 Aug 2018
Graphql code generator for Typescript React Apollo
Reusing higher order components in React apps with Bit
Sunil Pai: JavaScript & Virtual Reality
Sunil Pai - YouTube
Algebraic effects, Fibers, Coroutines - Oh my!
Brandon Dail Algebraic effects, Fibers, Coroutines Oh my! - YouTube
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