PayPal's GraphQL success, SOLID principles in React, code splitting & more

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October 20 · Issue #27 · View online
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Code splitting in React
Scalable React components architecture
React - create reusable composable components
Building a data table component in React
Optimizing React performance with selective rendering
Robin Wieruch
Ways on how to use State in Function Components in #ReactJs. Perhaps a great refresher on ...

👉 render prop components
👉 higher-order components
👉 recompose
5:56 PM - 15 Oct 2018
React Native bridging — how to make linear gradient view
Get server-side rendering benefits without building SSR logic
Asynchrony when writing end-to-end tests with Puppeteer + Jest
React Native and Forms: part 2
Testing React components: the definitive guide
In-browser machine learning with React.js and ML5.js
James K Nelson
Have you ever wanted a component to pass extra data to `{props.children}`? It turns out that there are three ways to do it:

・ Render props
・ cloneElement()
・ The #reactjs Context API

But which approach should you use? That depends...
11:01 AM - 17 Oct 2018
Building React Native projects with native code: Part 3
How to use Sass and CSS Modules with create-react-app
Decoupling software design patterns commonly used with React
React components in Framer X
New cool things you can do with Arkit 2.0 and React Native
Formik for React: introduction to form management done right
Jean Fan
Updated MERmaid, my #WebGL #javascript #dataviz tool for exploring spatially-resolved #singlecell #transcriptomics data, to use #reactjs.

Try it out:
Feedback and contributions welcome!
#bioinformatics #bigdata #workinprogress
3:17 AM - 16 Oct 2018
Release InfernoJS 6.0.0, library for building high-performance UI
How to use ReactJS with Webpack 4, Babel 7 and material design
GraphQL: a success story for PayPal checkout
How to apply SOLID principles in React applications
Addy Osmani, engineering manager of team Google Chrome, about the state of JS.
This talk shows some Gatsby fundamentals, best-practices and dives into GraphQL.
Complete video playlist of React Alicante: 22 presentations
2018 - The Year of Web Components - DOMINIK KUNDEL - YouTube
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