Meet Doctor, a new React Native command, CodeSandbox CI & more

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React Ninjas Newsletter

November 19 · Issue #79 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for React pros.

From the core team
Meet Doctor, a new React Native command
Inversion of control
Responsible JavaScript: Part III
Getting started with React Custom Hooks
Giacomo Alonzi
A deep dive into React Fiber internals
| #frontend #developer #js # javascript
3:05 PM - 11 Nov 2019
The wise guide to React useState() Hook
Quick walkthrough of SuspenseList in React
How Concurrent React changes data-heavy UI
Real-world reports
Build your own React
Why Walmart built Electrode Native Navigation
Dan Abramov
Suspense is only “this component is not ready”. Not more, not less. If you think Suspense is complex, look at this code:

const tweet = useQuery(...)

The point of Suspense is to express waiting for data as simple as this. That would benefit any app, simple or complex.
10:20 PM - 16 Nov 2019
I replaced Redux from a React project with Hooks
Understanding the useEffect hook in React Hooks
React-Native linting & testing
Why you can't return parallel JSX elements
Lindsey Kopacz (she/her)
I'm working on a new blog post for you to come out next week, but in the mean time have you checked out my d3 blog post.
2:53 PM - 12 Nov 2019
Manage complex state w/ useReducer & useContext
Create a dynamic sidebar menu in React w/ recursion
Redux toolkit
React Interactive Paycard
Release v6.3.1 React final form
Ives van Hoorne
We're excited to announce CodeSandbox CI—a CI service for open source library maintainers! 🚀

It's a GitHub App that you add to a repo, and for every PR we make a build of your library. So you can test the library directly in a sandbox without publishing
3:25 PM - 13 Nov 2019
Vegetarian-Friendly State for React
Javascript Canvas Library by fabric.js
React Adaptive Hooks by Google Chrome Labs
Semantic sidenotes for the web
Apple is trying to kill web Technology
Results of the front-end tooling survey 2019
Creating animated ch(art)s with D3 and React Hooks
Duration: 28 minutes
How to build great offline apps in React-Native
Duration 25 minutes
Laura González: From React to Native
Duration: 32 minutes
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