Jest mocks in-depth, a sales dashboard with React, 10 must-have custom Hooks & more

I’m Andrés and currently build developer platform Jexia. You probably notice one thing now: a new nam
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March 29 · Issue #50 · View online
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I’m Andrés and currently build developer platform Jexia. You probably notice one thing now: a new name. Welcome to ‘The Week of React’.

Using the useEffect Hook
The iceberg of React Hooks
Dan Abramov
We just released React 16.8.5 that includes a bunch of fixes for shallow rendering. In particular, this should enable Enzyme to preserve the state of Hooks between shallow render calls.
6:03 PM - 22 Mar 2019
Hooks: from Class to Function components
React to Prop changes in a React component
Disguise-driven testing: Jest mocks in-depth
TypeScript 2.9: passing generics to JSX elements
useReducer? You might want useMethods instead
@pkellner @ryanflorence I have replaced JSX by λambda:
Please let me know your feedback.
6:01 PM - 24 Mar 2019
Replicate a React component lifecycle with useEffect
Web app load metrics automated testing as a part of CI
Small project reflection: React, TypeScript and PokéAPI
How to create a Typescript and React module
Build a sales dashboard using React framework
David Bisset
Nice: A simple maze generator, built with #React.

7:12 PM - 28 Mar 2019
Practical Hooks: refactor your app to use Hooks
Build a chatbot with Dialogflow and React Native
Bulk order Form for BigCommerce product variants
Styling Next.js with Styled JSX
Cube.js, open source dashboard framework
A drag-and-drop game with react-beautiful-dnd
10 must-have custom React Hooks for your toolbox
React Rewind, the time-travel debugger for "useReducer", is finally available on chome store:

You can try our devtool on:

Github repo:

#react #frontend #webdevelopment #javascript #webdev #chrome #debug
4:36 PM - 27 Mar 2019
Vulcan.js 1.13: Apollo Client/Server 2 & React Router 4
State of JavaScript: React
Using Google Sheets as database
Dare Obasanjo
Every 5 years or so the web development industry decides it's time to solve all of the same old problems in a new way.

The rise of React/Node.js/Graph QL makes one wonder if we're making progress or just walking sideways instead of forwards. I miss Rails
2:34 PM - 29 Mar 2019
Building Spotify’s New Web Player
Analyzing the evolution of JavaScript code in the wild (pdf)
TypeScript for enterprise developers
Cybersecurity in JavaScript ecosystem Using React - Time to React - March 2019
Rock-Solid Components with TypeScript and GraphQL - Mat Warger
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