Introducing Redux Hooks, React Native QR Scanner, React visualization & more

Hi, I’m your curator Andrés, currently building developer platform Jexia.
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Hi, I’m your curator Andrés, currently building developer platform Jexia.

React & Typescript
Introducing Redux Hooks
The circle of a React lifecycle
Application state management with React
Pure UI using Xstate and ReactJS
Using React select with Redux form
How to use SVG icons as React components?
A React-Redux App to display Quranic Chapter Info Cards

#react #redux #javascript
12:51 PM - 24 Apr 2019
Lazy Native Modules - React Native (Android)
How to identify and resolve wasted renders in React
Persist login credentials in React Native w/ AyncStorage
Create a navbar component in React
React Native QR Scanner: an RNCamera tutorial
Disguise driven testing: Jest mocks in depth — part 2
Elijah Manor
For those that are curious... I'm using React with hooks, react-color for the color picker, a custom inline SVG for the result pins, and Kap to capture the GIF
12:58 AM - 19 Apr 2019
How to connect React to Redux — a diagrammatic guide
Build a full blown multilanguage website with Gatsby.js
Deep dive w/ Elixir, Phoenix, Absinthe, GraphQL & React
Html-to-react tool
Upcoming changes for Expo SDK 33
Design systems for React developers
Andy Ingram 🌀
Been refining this gist a bit after having some bugs pointed out, it's low-key based on my experiences with a useMutation hook for Relay.

Worth turning into a proper blog post? Please continue pointing out errors in my thinking.
12:56 AM - 24 Apr 2019
React visualization libraries in 2019
Reasons to love Jest: the test framework
Uber’s new design system for websites in React
Project worlds — achieving God mode in digital design
GraphQL's Lee Byron on rebuilding projects from scratch
Full video playlist React Amsterdam 2019
React Native in 2019 & Beyond
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