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From the core team
Introducing Concurrent Mode (experimental)
Prepare for the future with React prereleases
Jonatan García Clavo
After watch all videos of #reactconf I decide to create a list with all talks and their links to the minute they start.

Day 1: (

Keynote (
Building The New Facebook With React and Relay (
6:03 PM - 27 Oct 2019
All things React state management
Learning TypeScript data types - from Zero to Hero
Real-world reports (aka best-practices)
Gatsby: how to prerender comments
Wait, you’re not using <React.StrictMode>?!
How GraphQL can improve your dev workflow
Jonatan García Clavo
Day 2: (

React Developer Tooling (
Data Fetching With Suspense In Relay (
Automatic Visualizations of the Frontend (
React Is Fiction (
#reactconf #React
6:03 PM - 27 Oct 2019
Creating a draggable shape with react-three-fiber
Transitioning from React to Vue.js: my 5 struggles
Create an embeddable Medium posts widget w/ React
Be aware of stale closures when using React Hooks
Using React's new error boundaries with AppInsights
We wrote something about the TypeScript under Warhol's hood:

Discuss on HN:
4:36 PM - 28 Oct 2019
Oops! Effect doesn't run when its dependencies change
Pool table game with React, Three JS + react-three-fiber
Announcing TypeScript 3.7 RC
Component for popout windows in React
A Chrome extension using React and Parcel
Filipe Oliveira
Formik 2 first stable release is out! 🔥🔥🔥
11:26 AM - 26 Oct 2019
React-use: collection of useful React Hooks 👍
Restful-react: interacting with RESTful backends
Resourcerer: declarative data-fetching for REST APIs
19 takeaways from React Conf 2019
Another list of React Conf 2019 notes/takeaways
Amundsen: a data discovery and metadata platform
Duration: 65 minutes
Duration: 9 minutes
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