Immutability, migrating to new React lifecycle methods, Elastic & more

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September 28 · Issue #24 · View online
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Andrés currently applies his knowledge to build developer platform Jexia. You can check previous newsletter editions here.

Reusable Components in React — A Practical Guide
Immutability in React and Redux: The Complete Guide
Dan Abramov
Please help us test Create React App 2!
8:34 PM - 26 Sep 2018
Migrating to new React Lifecycle methods
Automate React Native builds with Gitlab CI
How to make your apps pretty with styling in React
Integrate Touch ID and Face ID to your React Native app
Andrew Clark
So many update performance problems in React go away when you use local state.

If you have some state that updates frequently and needs to be fast (ahem, forms), probably shouldn't be putting that in a global store that the whole app subscribes to!
7:19 PM - 27 Sep 2018
Use React to display NASA’s astronomy picture of the day
Building an async React Renderer with diffing in web worker
13 Best Practices every React Native Developers should know
How to build application search with React and Elastic
How to test React components using Jest and Enzyme
Running iOS builds — part 3, React Native DevOps guide
Dan Abramov
ComponentConf should be a thing. JS umbrella is too generic and I want to zoom in a little bit. But React/Vue/Angular/Ember communities are too isolated and often don’t realize they talk about the same problems. Need a common space.
12:30 AM - 23 Sep 2018
How to build serverless web apps with React and AWS Amplify
Full stack Reactive with Spring WebFlux, WebSockets and React
Announcing CodeSandbox Containers
Epitath: In memoriam React Render Props and HOCs
Robin Wieruch
Open sourced a Gatsby MDX starter kit this weekend ⚛️

💪 Useful for a technical Blog
✅ Syntax Highlighting with PrismJs
✅ React/JavaScript Code in Markdown with MDX
✅ Pagination/Categories
5:56 PM - 25 Sep 2018
Our React-native experience at Drops (so far)
For JavaScript developers, more choices mean hard choices
My journey with React Native game engine, part 1: starting
React Podcast: Inside React
Help! My React app is slowwwww! - BEN ILEGBODU - YouTube
Brian Leroux - Vanilla JS - Capabilities & Trajectory - YouTube
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