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React Ninjas Newsletter

January 3 · Issue #38 · View online
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A web history: the origin of bundlers, part 1
Improve React performance using Lazy Loadingđź’¤ and Suspense
TDD your React components
How I structure my React Apps
Write better components using Hooks
Stoyan Stefanov
Performance Calendar closing with a piece from @nparashuram
Happy and Performant New Year, everyone! :)
10:06 PM - 31 Dec 2018
Privacy experiments — #1 Discover solid
Creating a modern image gallery with React Suspense
Building a mini-blogger with Graphene and React Hooks API
Just released v4.0.0 of TNG-Hooks (like React Hooks but for non-React standalone functions).

TNG-Hooks now includes the `useEffect(..)` hook!

Special thanks to @dan_abramov for his patient and insightful explanations.
3:54 PM - 31 Dec 2018
Introducing Material-UI design system
Detox vs. Appium: automated UI tests in React Native
Why we’re not using WordPress’ Gutenberg…Yet
Thoughts on migrating to TypeScript – Hootsuite Engineering
Remote jobs
Segment - Senior product engineer
TopTal - Front-end developer
Zapier - Front End Engineer
Steven Hicks
A while back, @sebmarkbage wrote up a ton of perspective on people's reactions to React hooks:

It's great reading, if you're curious about the motivation for hooks, or where they might be headed.

h/t @djsheldrick, who shared it in a PR discussion 🤗
4:43 PM - 2 Jan 2019
Drivy - Full-stack Engineer
LiveAuctioneers - Software Engineer
Dan Abramov
Oh wow! This is what we use for internalization of React apps at Facebook. Exciting to see it open sourced.
7:31 PM - 3 Jan 2019
Devoted Health - Full Stack Software Engineer
HVMN - Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer
CyberGRX - Senior Software Engineer - Front End
My most favourite talks in 2018
YouTube Transitions - “Can it be done in React Native?”
Introduction To React Hooks
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