How Etsy handles peeks in A/B testing, WebAssembly in React & much more

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React Ninjas Newsletter

October 12 · Issue #26 · View online
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Small changes can make big impacts on React
These React fundamentals you skip may be killing you
How to build your React Native team
3 methods to resolve GraphQL endpoints
Lazy Loading Images with IntersectionObserver
Dan Abramov
If you want to contribute to Create React App 2, issues with the “needs investigation” label are a good start. Try to reproduce the problem, then try to figure out why it happens. Comment with your findings. No need to write code!
11:47 PM - 5 Oct 2018
Once you design with code you’ll never go back
Cache your React event listeners to improve performance
5 things you can do in CSS-in-JS that you didn’t know about
How to reduce the impact of JavaScript on your page load time
Taking off with WebAssembly for Go in React
Web apps: client-side vs server-side pre-rendering
Michał Pierzchała
I’m happy to announce a new testing library to help you write better React Native tests with less effort.

react-native-testing-library 🎉🎉🎉

It’s like react-testing-library but tailored for RN and universal React apps. Happy testing! 🙃
3:08 PM - 11 Oct 2018
Testing React applications with react-testing-library
Learn ClojureScript now: a quick tutorial with React
How to code a basic virtual reality application — Part 1
DFR 🇪🇸
I am proudly announcing the release of my new portfolio's website which I was working lately, built using:
#webdeveloper #webdevelopment #coding #code #reactjs #javascript #CSS #HTML5
1:52 PM - 10 Oct 2018
Building React Native projects with native code - Part 1
Full stack Reactive with Spring WebFlux, WebSockets and React
Automated testing with a visual regression service
Comparing on device text recognition (OCR) SDKs
Build interactive diagrams with storm-react-diagrams!
How Etsy handles peeking in A/B Testing
Reflecting on Wayfair’s conversion to React and Redux
Bouncy animation in React Native using the PanResponder
Bouncy Animation in React Native using the PanResponder
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