Hooks recipes, how I organize Sass projects, advanced React (anti)patterns & more

React Ninjas Newsletter

React Ninjas Newsletter

September 17 · Issue #71 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for React pros.

React Hooks: recipes.
Redux Saga – mock API and blackbox testing
React's useEffect and useRef Explained for Mortals
Does DDD Belong on the frontend?
How I organize Sass projects
Taking Immer one step further
Advanced React (anti)patterns
How to configure Prettier and VSCode
Jade to React: prod validation to modernize safe and fast
Bug-proofing our app w/ error boundaries & strict mode
Profile a React app for performance
Detect ctrl/CMD/alt/shift + click in JS and React
Immer releases V4
Release Next.js v9.0.6-canary.5
Michael Shilman
The eagle has landed! 🎉 @storybookjs 5.2 brings you:

📚 DocsPage zero-config documentation
📝 MDX stories & longform docs
📦 Component Story Format portable examples
🖼 Storybook Design System

👉👉👉 https://t.co/aAClq2uDc4 https://t.co/QIhgcidKfM
4:11 PM - 17 Sep 2019
React Dev Tools — debug like a ninja
What's new in ASP.NET Core 3.0 for React SPAs?
A lighter V8
Rethinking the Redux API
Frustrations with React Hooks
Read-only array and tuple types in TypeScript
Performance anxiety with React - Jessica Leach
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