Hooks dilemmas, scaling React server-side rendering, Next.js 8.0.4 & more

Wishing you a great Sunday! I'm your curator Andrés and currently building developer platform Jexia.
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Wishing you a great Sunday! I’m your curator Andrés and currently building developer platform Jexia.

Pure components in React
A new React and the old cache
Mike Grabowski
Oh, wow! First live stream is over! Took me 2 hours, instead of planned 30 minutes.

Everyone's been amazing! Thanks for interacting with me and asking questions! I am going to be doing a live stream again as I work on OSS and on a React Native release! https://t.co/uc1p6VcPgP
9:46 PM - 6 Apr 2019
Responsible JavaScript: Part I - an A list apart article
Towards React Native 0.59 & dealing with deprecation
Hooks dilemmas - Part 2: persistence and memoization
Building a brick grid in React
Scaling React server-side rendering
Chris Toomey
React testing library is such a fantastic foundation for testing in the React world, and I continue to be so impressed by the volume and quality of work @kentcdodds is able to ship. https://t.co/QA2AtYRVxO sub 10 minute turn around for a fix and new release! 🚀🔥
9:55 PM - 5 Apr 2019
React Native deep linking for iOS and Android
React HOC functions the easy way with addhoc
hamdaoui hichem
12:08 PM - 4 Apr 2019
Test implementation details with react-testing-library
Create React App with TypeScript tutorial
How to use the useContext Hook in React
Timothy Vernon
Nice article and points to consider: How to Avoid the “Boolean Trap” When Designing React Components https://t.co/jl9vHVFcm0
2:36 PM - 6 Apr 2019
Build a blog with Wordpress and Gatsby.js - Part 1
Use the style transfer API in React Native with Fritz
An iMessage extension for a React Native app - Part 1
Next.js 8.0.4
A React-renderer for Three.js
Jordi Cabot
Excel-like grid component for React with custom cell editors, performant scroll & resizable columns https://t.co/HB9wOiQVnx #Excel #React
12:08 PM - 6 Dec 2017
Social share elements on DOM objects
Form management primitives for React Hooks
Loops w/ Hooks as part of React Velcro architecture
30 days of Framer X
Moving from EJS to JSX
npm and WASM: how can we help?, Laurie Voss of npm https://t.co/vk0D8e4pbb
4:35 PM - 4 Apr 2019
Mining rule violations in JS code snippets (pdf)
This.JavaScript: State of Frontend Testing
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