Fly a drone with React, use React Native for AR games, Emotion 10 & more

Andrés currently applies his knowledge to build developer platform Jexia. You can check previous news
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December 7 · Issue #34 · View online
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Andrés currently applies his knowledge to build developer platform Jexia. You can check previous newsletter editions here.

Overthinking cash in TypeScript
Why do we write super(props)?
How does React tell a class from a function?
Leslie Cohn-Wein
I’m so effing grateful for this post

A CS concept taught through @ArianaGrande lyrics 🙌🏻

@ASpittel, this is *so* fetch. Consider this a request for a series!
5:22 AM - 7 Dec 2018
Async & Await in Reactjs – ES7 – Why use it?
Why do React elements have a $$typeof property?
Understand state management by building a Redux similar library
Better JS Cases with sum types
Avoiding the pitfalls of automatically inlined code
How to build faster with reusable UI Components in React
npm, Inc.
npm co-founder @seldo took stock of what 2018 meant for javascript and made some bold predictions about the year to come:
9:16 PM - 6 Dec 2018
Moving from Java Spring to a ReactJS+APIs architecture
10++ TypeScript Pro tips/patterns with (or without) React
How Airbnb moves 10x faster at scale with GraphQL and Apollo
React Native at Traveloka
Circular Swiper using Pan Responder and animated library
Get blinded by science and boost application performance
Build a Gatsby advanced blog
Building casual AR games with React Native
Dan Abramov
Yay! @brian_d_vaughn fixed the issue that caused useEffect() to behave strangely in React Native. You should be able to get the fix by bumping the `scheduler` dependency:
8:43 PM - 3 Dec 2018
Create animated React apps with React Spring
Intricacies of nesting navigators with react-navigation
Practice React Native: creating your own native module
Announcing Emotion 10!
List of React Native tools you can use for your next project
Nicolò Ribaudo
We just released Babel 7.2.0, with support for transforming private methods and parsing the "smart" pipeline operator!
8:20 PM - 3 Dec 2018
Better reusable React components with the overrides pattern
Watchtower is a TypeScript first, opinionated foundation for creating universal (Server Side Rendered) React applications
Securing the JS Ecosystem
JavaScript: How far we’ve come
How do the front end engineering teams work?
Flying a Drone with React and Node.js! (100% JavaScript!) — PART 1
"Will React Hooks replace Redux?" - Trivikram Kamat at Seattle ReactJS Meetup
Mariano Vazquez - TypeScript ❤ ReactJS
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