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December 10 · Issue #82 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for React pros.

JavaScript component-level CPU costs
React TDD - Part 3: dependency injection
An interesting approach. If you have some frontend code written for one framework, e.g., Angular, and another part is written as React, you can combine pieces into one frontend. Esp useful if 2 companies are merging.

4:55 AM - 9 Dec 2019
Putting Concurrent Mode into perspective
React View: interactive playground for components
Real-world reports
Everyday React patterns
Dealing with descendants
Micro front-ends based on React
Alex Reardon
"Overhauling our collision engine"

How we created a more delightful drag and drop experience


#DEVcommunity #react
4:34 AM - 5 Dec 2019
How I theme my React app with Sass
React Native memory profiling at Walmart
Fail a Jest test if an unexpected network request occurs
How to React Range
Optimizing React Native Camera's build
How to do Test-Driven Development with React https://t.co/G60KlKB7nz via @YouTube
12:03 PM - 9 Dec 2019
Using Webpack with React: TS, CSS, and Web Workers
Integrate Maps with custom style and tracking location
Create React App w/ TypeScript, CSS modules + ESLint
Announcing Ionic React Hooks
Release Create React app v3.3.0
Most popular JS repositories of November
Kiarash Z
🎉The new version of #react-modern-calendar-datepicker is out. v1.1.0 includes huge #accessibility improvements, #TypeScript support, and keyboard navigation implementation and a few more changes!😇
release notes: https://t.co/M23P1vX8a9
11:18 AM - 5 Dec 2019
CodeSandbox: say hello to Template Universe
Components to efficiently render large tabular data
Milestone 3 Updates · React Native for Windows
Migrating the Guardian website to React
‎Podcast: Modernizing Etsy’s codebase with React
My salary history as React developer
Do you earn more than me? Duration: 11 minutes.
Introduction to MobX & React in 2020
A lot has changed since Leigh Halliday’s first MobX video about 2 years ago. This is an updated version of that, covering Hooks and how to use modern MobX with functional components. Source code.
Duration: 17 minutes
Complete recording of React Day Berlin 2019
Below the talks of the mainstage. For all React Native talks, check the East Hall video registration.
ReactConf AU
Huzzah! 🎉 #ReactConfAU speakers announced! Meet their friendly faces here 👉 https://t.co/o8s1RpvJLP

#ReactConfAU #React #ReactJS #TechConf #Sydney #Australia https://t.co/jui8TqnwAH
11:00 PM - 4 Dec 2019
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