Event timing issues in React, Reactive Search 3, React unit testing & more

Hi, I’m Andrés, currently building dev platform Jexia. Interested in React Native? Check out my other
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Hi, I’m Andrés, currently building dev platform Jexia. Interested in React Native? Check out my other weekly, ’The React Navigator’.

Stop asking if React Hooks replace Redux
Extensive introduction into (React-)Redux
Handling Event timing issues in React
Let's consider this code.
Let's consider this code.
Best practices for unit testing in React version 16
Adopt GraphQL and Apollo in a legacy application
Pablo Alvarez Graña
Consuming an Apollo GraphQL Server using React
8:55 AM - 29 Aug 2019
Roll your own comment system for a static website
4 ways to prevent extra rerenders with React context
React + urql tutorial: introduction
How to implement useState with useReducer
How to test React-Redux connected components
Effector ☄️
Released v20.3.0 of bindings to react of effector, effective multi-store state manager.

- Now you can use react-hooks in createComponent fabric.

1:44 PM - 30 Aug 2019
Create a car game in React – Part 6: add high scores
Avoid bugs w/ data structures: using Sets in JavaScript
Announcing TypeScript 3.6
Fix low contrast with Cypress
React Static
The long awaited maintenance release 7.2.0 (https://t.co/wja9FlqNxf) is now live. Moving forward collecting features and work on version 8 has started. (https://t.co/ZEfTUvoLUE).

12:39 AM - 2 Sep 2019
Introduce React plugin template
Why Theodo is investing in an admin for NestJS
Yesenia Perez-Cruz
We've just released Polaris React v4.0.0! 🎉We’ve updated some of our components to use React Hooks, removed several deprecated features, and made other updates that have made Polaris React strict mode compliant. https://t.co/3bOjZ4zerP
7:56 PM - 28 Aug 2019
Feathers 4: framework for real-time apps & REST APIs
Reactive Search 3.0: components for building search UIs
Testing a greenfield microservice
The story of a V8 performance cliff in React
Here’s a simplified repro for a bug
Here’s a simplified repro for a bug
Baseline interpreter: faster JS interpreter in Firefox 70
Create a scalable, maintainable front-end architecture
Jim Nielsen
A cogent and experiential presentation by Rich on the idea "UI is a function of state". He even provided speaker notes, so go read it. 3, 2, 1, now.

His points resonated with me, so I internalized them by regurgitate his conciseness into my own ramblings https://t.co/EB6jN4FvOn https://t.co/jLg4qb6fhr
11:39 PM - 3 Sep 2019
Apollo mission: pros & cons of being an early tech adopter
How to optimize your React components?
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