Enabling React concurrent mode, 6 awesome hooks, JS + TS side-by-side & more

I changed my email name to Andrés from Jexia. You didn’t read why and are wondering? Read my previous
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React Ninjas Newsletter

November 5 · Issue #77 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for React pros.

I changed my email name to Andrés from Jexia. You didn’t read why and are wondering? Read my previous email about Jexia’s support.

How to enable React concurrent mode
Current state of the concurrent mode in React
Implement prefetch pattern in React concurrent mode
Building the new Facebook with React and Relay | Frank Yan
Duration: 14 minutes
Dive into React router and component lifecycle methods
Real world reports (aka best-practices)
Let's make the worst React ever!
GraphQL search indexing at Netflix
A React re-rendering bug fix at Eventbrite
Dan Abramov
Reading some Redux example code I wrote four years ago and I have no effing idea what's going on there
11:47 PM - 4 Nov 2019
Solutions to frustrations with React Hooks
How to use Redux in ReactJS, with examples
Prevent native race conditions with Context API
More real-world reports:
TypeScript friendly state management
Redux with React: multi components way
Dan Abramov
Yay, the React Conf talk videos are out! I'd like to take a moment to call out a few talks that I loved in particular. https://t.co/JGgoZ3JY7l
7:09 PM - 31 Oct 2019
Running JavaScript and TypeScript side-by-side
Towards business intelligence with React Hooks
Here are 6 awesome React Hooks
SWR: React Hooks for remote data fetching
Announcing #Connected Components—components in design and #code, in #Harmony

@zeplin #designsystem #React

3:45 PM - 28 Oct 2019
Features in TypeScript 3.7 and how to use them
Tina: editing kit for modern React sites (Gatsby + Next)
Andrew Clark on concurrent mode | React Podcast
UseEffect Hook makes sense if you think differently
Academic articles
Next generation Firefly for web application
Migrating to GraphQL: a practical assessment
Automagic TypeScript codegen for GraphQL
Duration: 6 minutes
Transparency in government spending w/ React
Duration: 22 minutes
Full-stack type safety with React, GraphQL & TypeScript
Duration: 35 minutes
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Week of React is a mailing consisting of the finest blogs and tools curated for React pros. I’m Andrés, your curator, working from an office in Amsterdam to help building software developer platform called Jexia.
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