6 misconceptions about React, don't get clever with login forms, Ionic React & more

I currently apply my knowledge to build developer platform Jexia. Questions? Feedback? Let me know.
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I currently apply my knowledge to build developer platform Jexia. Questions? Feedback? Let me know.

6 misconceptions about React
Dan Abramov
The lint rule for useEffect and other Hook dependencies is out! Try it and let us know if it fires unexpectedly: https://t.co/P54V84vth8 https://t.co/dWZb9g1GLn
8:53 PM - 21 Feb 2019
React Hooks: compound components
Learn the concepts of Redux with Hooks
React Suspense with the Fetch API
Don’t get clever with login forms
How to tune React for performance
Brian Vaughn
⚛️ DevTools (rewrite) supports editable props and state.

Thanks for the feedback on how important this feature was to you. I feel better about adding it knowing that about half of your use it at least occasionally. https://t.co/6LSw8RfT9g
9:38 PM - 17 Feb 2019
Using DC.jS and crossfilter with React
Using React Native for web in production at Curai
Use React to create a Chrome extension in 5 minutes
How to test your React · Redux application
Infinite scroll component in React using Hooks
Brian Vaughn
⚛️ 🛠 Coming soon to the DevTools rewrite: editable (useState) hooks! https://t.co/ec1gTFHYNZ
11:22 PM - 20 Feb 2019
Two mistakes in React we keep doing over and over again
Add Navi to your create-react-app project
New superpowered React Hooks with Navi
Gary Bernhardt
"code split across 20 different packages"... a newly generated create-react-app 2.1.5 app that doesn't actually do anything will have 1,568 dependencies.

$ npm ls --parseable | wc -l
[Errors elided. Why does a newly generated app error? -GRB]

2:29 AM - 18 Feb 2019
R-Factor, a refactoring tool for React and Redux
Simplify state management for React applications
A hypothesis on how React.js became so popular
Hooks are good, but did you try faster components?
Remote React jobs
A month of hooks in Production || Copenhagen React Meetup
React Context vs Redux - Who wins?
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