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Provides information related to NFT's - from notes and insights to news and mint schedules (incl. Mint Calendar).

Provides information related to NFT's - from notes and insights to news and mint schedules (incl. Mint Calendar).

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Lazarus hackers drop malware via Crypto job offers

w/ news about: Solana, CryptoPunk, Azuki, World of World,... and more!


Apple has decided to let developers sell NFTs

w/ news about: Apple, Disney, Cool Cats, Magic Eden, Tornado Cash,... and more!


SEC Claims Ethereum Falls Under US Jurisdiction

w/ news about Doodles, Starbucks, Chicago Bulls,... and more!


Wrangler Jeans ties up with Deadfellaz

w/ news about Wrangler, Deadfellaz, Moonbirds, Puma, Netflix,.. and more!


FIFA launches digital World Cup collectibles

w/ news about FIFA, Bill Murray, Instagram, Ticketmaster,... and more!


X2Y2 implements flexible royalty options

w/ news about X2Y2, Eminem, Deadfellaz, UTA, PayPal,... and more!


MTV introduces the 'Best Metaverse Performance' award

w/ news about MTV, BAYC, Meta, Billie Eilish, Anthony Hopkins,... and more!


OpenSea introduces new stolen item policy to combat NFT theft

w/ news about Deadfellaz, Tornado Cash, Samsung, Reddit,... and more!


Tiffany sells out all 250 NFTs for $50,000 each

American luxury jewelry retailer Tiffany & Co. debuted and sold out all 250 NFTs in about 20 minutes. Each "NFTiffs" sold for 30 ether, or about $50,000, generating some $12.5 million in revenue for the company.Tiffany's NFTs are digital passes exclusive …


Solana opens physical store in New York City

Blockchain network Solana has opened its first physical store Solana Spaces in New York City, where it will sell cryptocurrency-related products.The store is located at The Shops, an upscale mall at Hudson Yard, Manhattan, and opened to the public on July 28.…


NFT Worlds Collapses As Minecraft Bans NFTs

w/ news about Coinbase, Metamask, Solana, Meta, CrytpoPunks and so much more!


Tony Hawk To Create Web3’s Biggest Skatepark

Tony Hawk, one of the world’s most famous and recognized skateboarders, announced his partnership with the blockchain-based virtual world The Sandbox to build the “largest virtual skatepark ever made.”


Alpha Schedule #21 - Nike-owned RTFKT Grants CloneX Holders Commercial Rights

w/ news about: RTFKT, Limewire, Yuga Labs,... and more!


Alpha Schedule #20 - OpenSea suffers email address data breach 😵 (+ Allowlist giveaway!)

w/ news about: OpenSea, Coinbase, Yuga Labs, Doodles, Tomorrowland,... and more!


Alpha Schedule #19 - Pharrell Williams Joins Doodles

Pharrell Williams has expanded his presence in the NFT space by going “all-in” with Doodles.Pharrell joined Doodles as its Chief Brand Ambassador and board member, which was announced at an event hosted alongside the NFT NYC conference. “I’m here to announce …


Alpha Schedule #18 - Anthony Hopkins About To Buy The Dip

w/ news about: 3AC, Celsius, Deadfellaz, GoblinTown,... and more!


Alpha Schedule #17 - Former Twitter CEO announces WEB5

w/ news about: Web5, Nickelodeon, Mastercard,... and more!


Alpha Schedule #16 - Kanye West's Yeezus Jumps Into NFTs

Kanye West's Yeezus brand has filed for 17 trademark applications indicating a possible move into the NFT space.The applications, dated May 27, come months after West criticized non-fungible tokens in a now-deleted Instagram post in February.The applications,…


Alpha Schedule #15 - Gamestop's WEB3 wallet is here

w/ news about: Gamestop, Opensea, Deadfellaz, UFC, Hublot, Netflix, Dove, and so much more!


Alpha Schedule #14 - 0xCAREERS, a WEB3 Job board is here!

w/ news about: Deadfellaz, Spotify, Ledger, Opensea, and much more!