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By Dr. Alexandria Szeman  • Issue #13 • View online
I learned to do something that I’ve been avoiding for several years because I thought it would be too hard: how to make sourdough discard biscuits. It was my first time making biscuits because I thought they’d be more difficult than baking bread. (They weren’t: they were much easier.) I avoided trying sourdough for quite a while, too, because most of the instructions made sourdough seem so challenging that just reading the recipes made me feel overwhelmed.
Maybe all the experience I’ve accumulated making bread the last few years made my foray into sourdough easier. I do know that bread-making, starting with bread-machine loaves and moving to artisan breads and then to sourdough European-crust breads, certainly made it easier for me to try sourdough discard recipes. I’m so pleased with how the biscuits turned out that I’m considering trying sourdough discard pancakes or waffles next.
What about you: have to tried anything that you’d been avoiding? How did it turn out?
Here are a few of the articles I’ve been reading this week. As always, the best place to reach me is Twitter, but you can also contact me via my blog/website: The Alexandria PapersI’m on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram, too, but not as often as I’m on Twitter (I’m there every day). Talk to you next week.

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Dr. Alexandria Szeman

Alexandria shares articles on Mindfulness, Migraine, Trauma & Childhood Sexual Abuse, Mental Health, Books, and Cooking & Baking.

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