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The Alexandria Papers Newsletter
By Dr. Alexandria Szeman  • Issue #9 • View online
I’ve been taking anti-seizure medication for my hemiplegic migraine for the last few years, and it’s helped reduce the migraine-related seizures and the migraine attacks themselves. Unless I forget to take one of the pills. Or if I’m even a few hours late taking one. That’s what happened this week. I was helping someone with a chat on Twitter (I greet everyone who comes), and I was four hours late taking the medicine. The sudden onset of a migraine is what made me realize I’d forgotten. Oy, vey…
When I was younger, everyone — family, doctors, specialists — told me that the migraine disorder would get better or completely disappear as I got older. Instead, mine have gotten much worse. Migraine disorder runs in the family, and survivors of childhood sexual abuse often have migraine. That means, either way, I seem to have gotten migraine from my family. My great-grandmother Hirsch suffered from severe attacks all her life, so hers certainly didn’t improve or miraculously heal as she aged.
I didn’t get much done this week because of the migraine, and I’m lying in bed as I write this to you, typing on my iPad Pro. I listened to audiobooks most of the week, but I did read a few good articles that I wanted to share with you.
As always, the best place to reach me is Twitter, but you can also contact me via my blog/website: The Alexandria PapersI’m on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram, too, but not as often as I’m on Twitter (I’m there every day). Talk to you next week.

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