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The Alexandria Papers Newsletter
By Dr. Alexandria Szeman  • Issue #7 • View online
I forgot to send out my newsletter last week. I was so busy un-cluttering and packing up my bathroom that I ended up in bed two days with an unbelievably sore back. I really shouldn’t have done all that work while sitting on a hard stool only 10" off the ground. But I actually had no idea it was going to take me 5 hours. Five hours!!! To clean out, un-clutter, and pack the small, 3-door cabinet under the sink. Who knew such a tiny space could hold so much?
I really do feel like I’m making some progress with all this un-cluttering of years of belongings. Sometimes. Other times, I feel like I’m in a huge pit of sand frantically trying to claw my way out. It certainly doesn’t help that I’m doing all this by myself. But that’s a story for a later newsletter, because, right now, it’s still too painful to write about publicly.
Meanwhile, here are some of the articles I’ve been reading and sharing on my social media accounts. As always, the best place to reach me is Twitter, but you can also contact me via my blog/website: The Alexandria Papers. I’m on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, too, but not as often as I’m on Twitter (I’m there every day). Talk to you soon!

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Alexandria shares articles on Mindfulness, Migraine, Trauma & Childhood Sexual Abuse, Mental Health, Books, and Cooking & Baking.

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