Akord Changelog

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Updating you with new features, bug fixes and improvements

Updating you with new features, bug fixes and improvements

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Akord Changelog | Arweave Integration

Last Thursday we presented Akord as one of the selected projects on the fourth Arweave Open Web Foundry, a 6-week programme helping builders using the Arweave stack. Needless to say it was a super busy summer for the whole team!We had a few core objectives fo…


Akord Changelog | Search, Notification Feed and Vaults

How can you search encrypted data? It's not as hopeless as you think. We've released the first version of search in Akord. Right now it's limited to revealing results from any vault you’ve seen in the current session, the data is decrypted locally. The next v…


Akord Changelog | Folders & Asymmetric Encryption

Last week we released folders and as the age-old saying goes, You've not built a piece of software until you've got folders. So we're excited to announce that Akord now has folders! You can now separate the content in your data room and organise it as you wis…


Akord Changelog | Refactoring the UI

The Changelog was quiet for the whole of May, but behind the scenes we've been pushing through two epic projects. The first of which is now live on Beta and covers a complete refactoring of our UI.When you build a piece of software from scratch, you naturally…


Akord Changelog | Speed and Performance

We're always considering how to optimise Akord, so we can mitigate the extra work we're doing in the browser to encrypt your data end-to-end. For the past few weeks we've been making some serious upgrades to improve performance. We introduced the concept of a…


Akord Changelog | Revoking & Deleting Files

Continuing with our current phase of the roadmap, focused on finishing core housekeeping features, we've implemented the ability to revoke files from your data rooms. The historical data around the file is kept in the timeline, but it is no longer available t…


Akord Changelog | Archiving Data Rooms

Archiving data roomsYou can now archive your data rooms, cleaning up your view by moving out unused rooms. Archiving data rooms blocks members from adding any further actions or assets – file uploads, messages, invites etc. Archiving enables you to stop activ…


Akord Changelog | Exploring key management systems

One of our main tasks last week was to explore other key management options to provide users with a sign up option that didn't require them to store the backup phrase. We believe there are options that could work, but they require further research. For now, w…


Akord Changelog | Inviting someone outside of Akord

Last week we had tunnel vision on one key feature – being able to invite someone to your data room who isn't already on Akord. Up until now, to invite someone without an Akord account would require you to first contact them outside of Akord and ask them to cr…


Akord Changelog | Drag & Drop

Drag and drop zone for file uploads on the Documents screenIncreased the font size of the password advice when creating an accountReset button more prominent when verifying your backup phraseImproved an invite flow when you re-invite someone who has been revo…