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Search, Notifications and Vaults
How can you search encrypted data? It’s not as hopeless as you think. We’ve released the first version of search in Akord. Right now it’s limited to revealing results from any vault you’ve seen in the current session, the data is decrypted locally. The next version of search would decrypt all user data upon login in the background, providing a complete search experience without ever exposing your data to Akord.
As well as search, we’ve released the in-app notification feed which shows you all activity across all your vaults. We also highlight specific vaults with a blue dot when there’s been new activity within them. This is particularly useful when you have a lot of vaults and when you first login, quickly drawing your attention towards recent activity and any new vaults you’ve been invited to.
Vaults? Wait, I thought it was data rooms?! We’ve changed our naming from data rooms to vaults. This felt more intuitive and made more sense when considering our focus on integrating the Arweave blockchain and providing permanent storage.
Other fixes and improvements
  • We now detect if you upload an audio or video file format, and display that media with a relevant icon.
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