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Story about "how to professionally say" project

Story about "how to professionally say" project
By Akash Rajpurohit • Issue #1 • View online
Story about “how to professionally say” project

On May 1st (Sunday) I started a fun side project called How to “professionally” say, little did I know that a project that was started as a fun activity would get so much traction and have both positive and negative impact.
Let’s go through the story of this project.
I have published a more technical perspective side of the project on my blog site, if you are a techie person you might find it interesting.
Journey into "how to professionally say" project
Why this project exists
This project basically is a textual representation of some funny/satire videos created by @loewhaley on Instagram.
The idea was to compile it in a textual form which is more easily searchable and accessible.
With this in mind, I started the project with Next.js since the idea was to generate a simple SSG page which can be put on a CDN and make it accessible to the web in the fastest way possible.
What happened that caused the traction
I shared the project on hackernews the very same night and in just a couple of hours people started up voting and commenting on it. The emotions were mixed and some people took it way too seriously than it was intended, but that’s how people work right?
How to professionally say | Hacker News
After a few hours, someone cross posted the link and Reddit on the r/programming Subreddit now the site was reaching more than 900 live visitors at a moment.
For anyone who is feeling upset because of the current structure of the data, please bear in mind that the intent here is not to come as a passive-aggressive person. Read more about the disclaimer mentioned here.
GitHub - AkashRajpurohit/howtoprofessionallysay: A guide for your daily "professional" interactions (not really)
Let’s look at some statistics for the project.
Within less than 24 hours, the project got more than 100K hits.
Akash Rajpurohit
Some statistics from past 24 hours
1. 100K hits on the website in less than 24 hours
And the majority of the traffic came from hackernews and Reddit.
Till today, the site have registered more than 300K hits and growing.
It was an amazing experience to witness a project to grow this much and would always be looking forward to learning and build things in this journey as a Software Engineer.
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