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Airparty • Better Community Tools #9


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23 avril · Numéro #41 · Consulter en ligne

Post-economic news and resources to help next-gen talent and creators build communities in the metaverse • but en français svp • stay up to date with nous.

Thanks to Jasmine, Raphaël, Anthony, Beth, and Josh to push me tools and helping me curate this edition 🎉
Want to join our group of community tool addicts ? Drop me a little email with some tool suggestion here

New tools of the week
Remember a nice tool in our previous issues ?
Find it in our new lovely community tool database
Wonder why the name of this newsletter change ? Everything you need to know to extinguish your thirst of curiosity at the end of the issue ;-)
🍿 Upcoming tool
💎Approved Gem
📈Growing trend
💰 Just raised fund
🕹️ Game Time
🍧 Casual tool / Quick use
🥞 Stack
🔗 Website
🇫🇷 In French
Online Whiteboard
🎈💎 📈 FigJam by Figma
Kamua - Automating Video Editing |
‎Liro: Сaptions for Instagram on the App Store
Quick-start Google Meet. Without leaving Slack.
CleanView by ActiveFence
Audio Voice
🍿📈 Racket
🇫🇷 🎈 Nouvelles features pour Ausha
Inca • Simple live audio streaming
Troopr.ai • Know how your team is feeling everyday
🔗 🕹️ GameApart - Taking Game Night Digital
Orbiit • Virtual networking for communities |
Real-time chat
Bunches • lets anyone start a free or paid group chat about (almost) anything.
Loop • A chatroom for Clubhouse
Zoom Like
Checklist.video • The definitive guide toamazing video calls
Community Careers and Compensation 2020
🥞 💎 400+ Community-Driven Founder Resources Guide
💰 Kumospace Raises $3M for its Immersive Video Chatting Platform That Mimics Real World Interactions - AlleyWatch
The Big Debate - What Do Members Really Want From Your Community? Spinks VS Millington
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