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Airparty • Better Community Tools #8

New tools of the week
Remember a nice tool in our previous issues ?
Find it in our new lovely community tool database
Wonder why the name of this newsletter change ? Everything you need to know to extinguish your thirst of curiosity at the end of the issue ;-)
🍿 Upcoming tool
💎Approved Gem
📈Growing trend
💰 Just raised fund
🍧 Casual tool / Quick use
🥞 Stack
🔗 Website
🍧 Headers.me
CRM & Analytics
🍿 Community Copilot
🍿 💰 📈 Common Room | Common Room — The Community Journey Platform
inSided: Customer Success Community Software
Real-time chat
🎈 New Telegram Web - Modern web messenger for mobile and desktop
🎈 Discord Stage Channels
🎈 Orbit • Discord Integration
Tom Osman
Solid start to the day getting access to the @OrbitModel @discord integration beta.

So fricking delicious 💥 https://t.co/pEjsnIy2EO
Zoom Like
Quolum | SaaS Expense Card, SaaS Management, Consumption Monitoring
💎 Calendso | The Open Source Calendly Alternative
👁️ Pay to talk | Remotehour
🥞 💎 200+ Minimum Viable Community Ideas - Rosieland
💎 Orbit Blog — Using Twitter questions to build a parallel community
Don’t miss out—join other community tool hunters as community ops and professionals
Make amazing remote networking events • AMA with Lorenzo Castro On Deck Manager & former Head of “Be My Cofounder” Program @ The Family • Replay
Lorenzo put on autopilot a remote networking event using a combo Hopin x zapier x airtable x typeform and so more other tools (Before 18'27 => Tips and tricks about virtual events, after that it’s more screenshare and deep-dive focus on his technical nocode stack.)
Newsletter's update
As you know it if you follow my move since a while, tools for community pros has always been a strong composent in Airparty DNA.
Designing and building global communities in 2021 means we got to be educated on digital stuff.
As Patrick Woods said in one of our previous podcast DevRel communities does exist for no other reasons. Because tech engineers have to stay on the edge with their Stack and Art.
Why ? Because If they don’t they could jeopardize all a company business on bad tool choices. Really badly.
So do global community builders in 2021.
Hence this newsletter will now be 100% dedicated to the last community tools ops, pros and solos talking about.
Tools and news from the latest forum, audio-chat, content creation, virtual event, that community ops, pros and solos talking about, used or create.
Hope you could choose wisely your next community stack according to our curation based on what tools other peers talking about, used or created themselves.
Thanks for subscribing ! You can reply to this email or book a free call with me anytime if you plan to launch or reboot a community for your business 🚀 or if you if look for a specific tool 🤖
Better Community Tools is a weekly newsletter for modern brand community executives pros & ops. Discover the latest platform, apps and websites that community ops, pros and solos talking about.
Airparty Radio is our podcast about global community builders. We talk with english/french community makers, leaders and experts about routines, tools and techniques to engage your people online.
Airparty On Twitch our live channel where we live test some pretty cool community tools
Airparty help companies design, launch and reboot global community programs and prototypes for their customers, partners, collaborators.
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