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Community Ops
💎👀📈  Private, But Pseudonymous
Give your community members something TO DO together
Best Practices for Starting a Great Community on Discord | by Nelly | Apr, 2021 | Discord Blog
Captivate Your Community with Stage Channels | Discord Blog
Presentations by Canva - Create beautiful, engaging presentations in minutes | Product Hunt
Career in Community Ops
How Community Managers Can Succeed in First-Time Programs | CMX
#ClubChat: What strategies do you use to help prevent Community Manager burnout? - The Community Club
Community Strategy
Team collaboration
How to Manage Community Managers | CMX
Managing Community for Cross-Functional Impact | by Lauren Clevenger | Apr, 2021 | Medium
👀 ClickUp™ | One app to replace them all
👀 What power do you have? - Communities, teams and personal networks
How to decentralise control over your community - 4 simple tips from David Spinks - The Community Club
Orbit Blog — A tactical guide to kickstarting your community
The Argument Dilution Effect | FeverBee
Brand Community Stories
A system-thinker’s approach to building trust 🔴 Evan Hamilton, Reddit | Get Together
EP87: The Future of Community as a Business w/ The Upside | The Community Corner with Beth McIntyre
Community Galaxy News
Community-Led | The 2021 Community Club Summit
This 22-Year-Old Student Has Just Launched Next-Generation Virtual Video Platform While Raising $1 Million For It Along The Way
Common Room, Community Management Startup Used By Confluent, Figma And Notion, Launches With $52 Million In Funding
Will the Clubhouse App be a Habit or Has-Been? - Nir Eyal
Atlassian Community 2020 Year in Review - Atlassian Community
Community Training
Start Of Week Template
List & directory of resources
The CMX Community Reading List – Curated by our Members| CMX
Airparty Community
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Mastering Remote Workshops with your members • Replay
Inside Mixily, a plateform to manage virtual events • Replay
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April 8th, 6PM CET • Inside Hopin : make amazing remote networking events with Lorenzo Castro @ On Deck, former Head of “Be My Cofounder” Program @ The Family • Reminder
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