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Airparty • Better Brand Remote Communities Weekly #5

💎 is for absolute goldmine for me
👀 You definitly should drop an eye on it
📈 is for growing trend

For Modern Community Facilitators
👀Creative Elements w/ Rosie Sherry
Solutions, Problems, And Gratitude | FeverBee
Community Content
"Don't talk about [x] here" | FeverBee
Add Text To Your Video Online With One Click | Type Studio
👀 Chats suck as a platform for community compared to forums (change my mind ☕ )
Chris Bail
Two new fascinating studies confirm incivility on social media emerges from social learning (when other people like or reinforce extreme posts, people take it even further): https://t.co/u2YEYj7DQM & https://t.co/FZ0k7yuekc We've also seen evidence of this in our latest research! https://t.co/v2KuY2YPxh
For Chief Community Officers & Execs
Back to basics
💎Community lessons from a legend - Community Feelings
Rosie Sherry 🌈☁️🪐
Cultivating Communities.

This is how I'm thinking about building communities. ❤️ https://t.co/UuFrMB8znU
Team collaboration
Everything Takes Longer | FeverBee
🔓 30: A nice, big, warm hug between Marketing and Community — In Before The Lock Podcast
👀 The Problem With "Just Launch It" | FeverBee
How Entrepreneurs Can Make Their Online Community Feel like an Exclusive Party on Social Media | by Jerine Nicole | The Startup | Mar, 2021 | Medium
Nandini Jammi
While we’re out here talking about Substack & the creator economy, I think at the team at @meshcommunities is into something REALLY interesting: Community-Based Advertising.👇🏼 https://t.co/Ad3cq0TVYp
Brand Community Stories
👀 6 things we’ve learnt while building a community-led company | by Elizabeth Dlha | Deepnote | Mar, 2021 | Medium
Community Galaxy News
Microsoft Said to Discuss Discord Bid for Over $10 Billion - Bloomberg
Zoom Wants You to Zoom Even When Using Other Companies’ Apps - WSJ
Hopin buys two more companies as it triples down on video focus – TechCrunch
The NYT Cooking Community Facebook group is imploding
Is 'community-washing' the new greenwashing? | Sifted
Community Training
👀 Rosieland Adventure — a modern community building course
💎 The Business of Belonging | CMX
Community Support Sessions - Spring 21
Campfire Chat with Charles Vogl - Zoom
Airparty Community
Previously last weeks :
👋 We welcome Christelle, Edith, Solène & Pierre as new members !
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Here’s a sneak peek of what’s currently going on in the community :
Inside Bootkamps.com, a plateform to manage your cohort-based courses, with Lucien Tavano, founder of bootkamps.com
Events this week
March 24th, 1PM CET, AMA with Carmen Taubman, communitycoach.me Founder • Register Here
Give & Share Member Meetup • March 25th, 6:30PM CET • Apply to join
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