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Post-economic news and resources to help next-gen talent and creators build communities in the metaverse • but en français svp • stay up to date with nous.

💎 is for absolute goldmine for me
👀 You definitly should drop an eye on it
📈 is for growing trend

For Modern Community Facilitators
Creatively encouraging community identity - Community Coach
How to mobilise your community during a pandemic -
👀 How To Ask Your Community For Help - Make your website more personal and engaging
PingPong | Asynchronous video chat for teams.
Community Content
Templates | Pitch not community-oriented but cool to apply for your community anyway
👀 Automating Video Editing | Kamua
👀👀👀 Around | Video calls designed for energy, ideas and action
Perfect Recall
Virtual Event
Twitter plans to let anyone start hosting Twitter Spaces in April - The Verge
👀 Overcoming Empty Community Knowledge Bases | FeverBee
Analytics / KPI’s
Taking A Much Deeper Dive Into Community Data (new framework) | FeverBee
For Chief Community Officers & Execs
Back to basics
Don’t call it a community. When brands refer to their “community,”… | by Alison James | Mar, 2021 | Medium
How to Build a Community: Starting with "why?". | Claire Carroll
Human Contact versus Human Connection. | by The Party Scientist | Mar, 2021 | Medium
Products vs. Interests (products win) | FeverBee
💎 Create a Compelling Online Community Value Story — Structure 3C
Potato – the six ingredients for a successful community
Trust | Close Knit Thoughts on Community
Tesla has closed its forums to launch a social platform and fans are not happy – TechCrunch
📈 💎 The Future of Education is Community: The Rise of Cohort-Based Courses - Forte Labs
From a Program Manager
Product & Design
Community design as an approach: 4 main project areas | by Marta Mainieri | Feb, 2021 | Medium
👀 📈 Product & Community. Community managers already wear a lot… | by Alexandra | Mar, 2021 | Medium
Are NFTs a perfect tool for community building?
Community Membership / Monetization
Thriving Networks: The Money Problem - Greaterthan Talks #2
📈 Community-Led Growth Is Taking Tech by Storm
Improve your community's engagement
Brand Community Stories
How Nextdoor Scaled Community to 268,000 Neighborhoods with Sarah Leary | Masters of Community with David Spinks
📈👀 Community-Driven Companies: What They Are and Why We’re Investing in Them | by Lolita Taub | The Community Fund | Medium
How n8n builds an amazing product together with their community - Build With Users
Community Galaxy News
📈 Technical Community Builder is the Hottest New Job in Tech ∊
👀 Mapping the Growing Ecosystem of Community Tools | The Commsor Blog
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Better Brand Remote Communities is a weekly newsletter for modern brand community executives and professionals. I share a selection of the best 🆕 available resources to get together your people remotely.
Airparty Radio is our podcast about remote community building. We talk with english/french community makers, leaders and experts about remote tools and techniques to gather your people online.
Airparty help companies and orgs design, create and facilitate stronger remote communities of customers, collaborators, partners, etc.
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