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Airparty • Better Brand Remote Communities Weekly #3

💎 is for absolute goldmine for me
👀 You definitly should drop an eye on it
📈 is for growing trend

For Modern Community Facilitators
Virtual Event
Adding Virtual to your IRL Community w/ Hashicorp | The Community Corner 🎧
About onboarding tactics 🎧
Community Software & Navigation
Better Maps or Fewer Roads? | FeverBee
📈 Why I (Almost) Never Recommend Facebook Groups as a Community Platform
Analytics / KPI’s
For Chief Community Officers & Execs
Community Team Management • HR
Weet: the 1st video & screen recording tool with collaboration capabilities
👀 We Increased Our Community Engagement By 400% In 6 Months
💎 Why Executives Should Care About Internet Communities – Ian Vanagas
👀 New B2B SaaS Communities - Common Questions | Peers Over Beers  🎧
👀 Mixing Board Studio Session: Bailey Richardson on building communities with intention | by Mixing Board | Feb, 2021 | Medium
"Every combination of people in a group contributes to the greater dynamic.
👀 Community at the core of businesses success - Connect Dots 🎧
Escaping the Community Power Evidence Paradox - New Local
💎 Richard Millington deindex a community to bring some proof to company execs that their community team drive & support the whole company business. What happens next is QED.
👀 ROE: Return On Engagement — the metric of care and community | by Chelsea Haring | We Are Hearken | Medium
Brand Community Stories
Empowering Your Community Post-Acquisition w/ Marketo | The Community Corner with Beth McIntyre 🎧
👀 Building Community at Nike, Reddit, WeWork, and Teal with Erik Martin | Masters of Community with David Spinks 🎧
Community Led | Ep. 01 - The Future of Community-Led Companies w/ Alexis Ohanian, founder of Reddit
Community Galaxy News
💎 Community Job Survey Results - all you have to know about data on your next community job
Announcing Our Series C: What's Next for Hopin
Tool Directory updated
💎 Airtable - Community Tools - Commsor.com
Airparty Community
Previously last weeks :
👋 We welcome Julie, Alvaro and Charlotte as new members !
🇪🇸 We add Spain as a new UE country member location
💖 We had our first “Give and Share” remote meetup where new members met each others. It was such a success we will now host this meetup once a month.
Don’t miss out—join the community of on-job community builders to support and expand your career, skills, and connect with other Brand Community Facilitators and Chief Community Officers !
Here’s a sneak peek of what’s currently going on in the community :
Airparty for everyone
Using Glide and Telegram as your next community plateform • March 16th, 1PM, CET
Create amazing remote bootcamps • March 22nd, 10AM, CET
Make amazing remote networking event with your members • Coming soon
Airparty for members
Mastering Remote Codev with your members • March 30th, 6PM (CET)
Give & Share - Zoom
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Better Brand Remote Communities is a weekly newsletter for modern brand community executives and professionals. I share a selection of the best 🆕 available resources to get together your people remotely.
Airparty Radio is a podcast about remote community building. We talk with english/french community makers, leaders and experts about remote tools and techniques to gather your people online.
Airparty help companies and orgs design, create and facilitate stronger remote communities of customers, collaborators, partners, etc.
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