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Post-economic news and resources to help next-gen talent and creators build communities in the metaverse • but en français svp • stay up to date with nous.

Better Brand Remote Communities is a weekly newsletter for modern brand community executives and professionals. I share a selection of the best 🆕 available resources to get together your people remotely.
I hope this content will help you become a highly effective brand remote community builders and build stronger community-led companies.
💎 is for absolute goldmine for me
👀 You definitly should drop an eye on it
📈is for growing trend
🇫🇷 For my french fellow subscribers : Better Brand Remote Communities passe désormais 100% en anglais, la traduction francophone n'apportant au final que peu de valeur dans la lecture de cette veille essentiellement tirée de sources anglophones, et dont le double effort de rédaction commençait à prendre le pas de mon côté sur la déliverabilité régulière de cette curation hebdomadaire.

For Modern Community Facilitators
Good Friction / Bad Friction in Community Signup Forms | FeverBee
Twitter announces paid Super Follows to let you charge for tweets - The Verge
How to moderate an online community. A list of skills, tips, and tricks. | by Corina Stirbu | Feb, 2021 | Medium | The Startup
Virtual Event
👀 Create virtual events that feel like a Netflix show
Event-first community: How and Why
"We're Live" vs. "You're Invited" | FeverBee
👀 Virtual events tracker Template - Free to Use | Airtable
Community Software
📈 How to set up a community with Circle (Part 2)
Pyro - Music Voting for Parties
📈 Direcon | Detailed Analytics for Clubhouse
Build camaraderie in your remote team
Icebreaker on Twitter: "🥁 We're proud to introduce our newest feature: Group Share.… "
👀 Jam
Remote Co-working
For Chief Community Officers & Execs
Community Team Management • HR
💎 Building the Dream Community Team with Holly Firestone | Masters of Community with David Spinks
Quill - Messaging to make your team better.
Hugo | Meetings, notes and tasks all in one place
💎 Measuring Community Metrics With Patrick Woods by Technically True | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Customer Success
6 reasons why a customer community is the best channel to collect customer feedback
Brand Community Stories
Innovative way of gathering
EP82: How Codecademy Builds Community | The Community Corner with Beth McIntyre
Community Galaxy News
The Rise of the Community Department | by Lisa Xu | Feb, 2021 | Noteworthy - The Journal Blog
💎 2021 Community Industry Report | CMX
Innovative way of remote gathering
👀 Welcome to Decentraland
Events for Community Pros
💎 Sharing Community Stacks - Zoom
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