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Accessible Travel Press - How about Facebook - Issue #29

Accessible Travel Press
Accessible Travel Press - How about Facebook - Issue #29
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As a publishing company we post, we publish, we share. Information, tips, news. Facebook is a great tool for that.
We assume you have Facebook. Or at least, almost everyone visiting our website. So many people have Facebook. Some use it daily, some every now and then. Some use it to share moments, others to follow everything they love.
Like travel pages. Travel quotes, Travel trends, Travel tips. And then there is this: Facebook Ads. And reels. Videos. Timelines. Crossposting. For publishers it is time spent online for at least 3 fulltime jobs, easily.

Top 75: best Accessible Travel Social Media
The world of accessible travel on Facebook
You would not believe how many facebookpages and groups are there. The enormous labyrinth is not exactly a bonus if you go online to quickly do a search on Facebook.
Our top 75 has been checked regularly and all are in use and posting regularly. Looking for some more Europe listings!
Some pages on FB have not been updated in years. Everything stays online, that is how Facebook works. It is not really helpful when you are looking for a topic or a page.
That is why we make an effort to create one big page. A few large pages is better than a thousand island dressing, right?
Logo Accessible Travel Online
Logo Accessible Travel Online
Public and private Facebookgroups
The ugly truth on Facebook: admins and moderators of pages and groups can simply block you (sometimes you must, in case of spam or fraude or possible hacking).
Our Facebookpage Accessible Travel Press is online on this November 4, 2022, for 11 years. Truth reveal: many groups and pages have refused or blocked our page from being a member or to share posts.
Why? Because also on Facebook, ego wins from community
Trying to ignore that, sharing everything interesting from other people, pages and groups as long as it is public of course. Why travel tips should be private and exclusive is a mystery really.
For 11 years, we have tried to grow and become one of the largest Accessible Travel pages on Facebook. Not because we think we are the best, but because we want to reach as many people as possible. The bigger the page, the more people you reach.
First time
Imagine you are planning a trip for the first time, and you go on Facebook first. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you find a page that is an entire google in itself? Pages are always public - so you can tag most page followers and help them on their travel info quest.
Same goes for groups. Every time you post a tip, a photo, a video, you can help litterally EVERYONE who sees it. That is why our group (Accessible Travel Guides - International) is public.
With well over 5000 followers, we want to go to the next level: 10.000 Facebook followers. Not in 10 years, but rather in 10 days. Or the soonest possible. Help us on our quest!
Like, follow, share, comment! Be social on Facebook.
FACEBOOK EVENT - join today
International Day of Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2022
Accessible Travel News - news to care, news to share
Accessible Travel News - news to care, news to share
4 questions, 1 minute of your time. Enormous impact. Thank you in advance!
Survey - Accessible Travel Press
Survey - Accessible Travel Press
Now that you are here, please take the survey. It would be best if we can have 1000 responses by the end of the year 2022. Please share with friends, charities, organizations and businesses involved in the world of accessibility and hospitality. There is no selection by region or country.
Accessible Accommodation - accessible travel guides accessible hotels
Accessible Accommodation - accessible travel guides accessible hotels
We encourage you all to use our hashtags #accessibletravelonline, #accessibletravelnews or #accessibletravelpress. All posts will be shared to our stories.
Accessible Travel Press is a publishing company. Sharing travel information is what we do. On the blog, on Facebook and other social media.
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