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By Shashikiran Rao

We want to provide guided, OnDemand venture building knowledge to every entrepreneur in the world

We want to provide guided, OnDemand venture building knowledge to every entrepreneur in the world

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acapella - we are back, new and refreshed

Today we are live & you can learn more here.


Acapella - Sneak Peek into the Landing Page and some Interesting Conversations.

We spent the last few weeks building the product and talking to various potential partners & supporters, thank you all for your time:Anika Horn - Social Ventures Ayman Itani - Think Media LabsShahar Matorin - Startup Grind, Isreal Jag Singh - Techstars, B…


Acapella - Shifting our identity and exciting GTM confusions

Business UpdateWith the product almost ready, we are doubling down our efforts to understand the business side of it. We are thrilled about the journey and are getting to talk to some really exciting people about it.We are deep in the process of figuring the …


Acapella - Making noise in the right circles.

We recently participated in the launch of an accelerator report by the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs. They have conducted tremendous research aimed to present actionable insights for accelerator program managers, entrepreneurs, funders, investors…


Acapella - Venture-build and Exciting Conversations with Partners.

It is heartwarming to see some of you (you know who you are) who thought this would be a great venture-build opportunity and introduced us to a few interesting people. We would love to continue such conversations. We had promising conversations with venture c…


Acapella - This has been a confusing week.

We have started our two-week sprint, but not very sure if we'll be able to follow through given the ups and downs in the team's health situation.We reached the tail end of our Product Architecture Sprint.We had some interesting conversations with Prajakt Raut…


Acapella - 600 accelerators with $400K/year budget - and this is just India.

We ran a four-week intense sprint and took this week to recoup. We are ready for a two-week sprint from the coming week to onboard a majority of our beta users.On the product front, to get the minimum lovable product ready at the earliest, we did some feature…


Acapella - Unbundling Accelerators is a Profitable Business!

We opened our digital office on Clubhouse this week. You may join the club here to get a notification whenever we are online. We had a mind-blowing mentoring session with Prasanna from Upekkha. We hosted a open-house discussion on micro-accelerators with our …


Acapella - Kick-starting the Micro-Accelerator Movement.

We're still scheduled to release the first version of the product by the end of July. For the months of April and May, we are going to focus on onboarding our beta-users to test and launch the product.We had a very meaningful conversation with Gene Murphy fro…


Acapella - Kickstarting the Micro-venture Movement!

This week, we signed off on our product engineering to the amazing folks at Think201!It's a short wait before we can share it with you all, but we're hoping you are just as excited as we are! :D


Acapella - Nurturing Crazy Ideas, One Step at a Time.

After finishing up product validation from our trusted sources and making all the necessary improvements to the prototype, we're all set to sign it off for engineering.


Acapella | Our Road to Product-Market Fit and Weekly Updates.

Acapella is a SaaS tool to launch cohort-based micro-accelerators online/offline, and for people with ideas to help discover them easily in one place.We are building this with the vision of accelerating world-changing ideas from every nook and corner of the w…


The Beginning of Acapella - Join us in Building the Karma Economy!

At Acapella, we believe that path-breaking ideas can originate from anywhere in the world, with the right ecosystem to support them.This ecosystem will be led by Venture Catalysts (Read: the startup OGs) like serial entrepreneurs, angels, EIRs, exit founders,…