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The Beginning of Acapella - Join us in Building the Karma Economy!

The Beginning of Acapella - Join us in Building the Karma Economy!
By Shashikiran Rao • Issue #1 • View online
Hi There,
Welcome to the journey of Acapella! This is the first of many check-ins that will come to your inbox every Saturday, updating you about our lessons and milestones on our way to building something very close to our hearts.
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What's Acapella?
  • At Acapella, we believe that path-breaking ideas can originate from anywhere in the world, with the right ecosystem to support them.
  • This ecosystem will be led by Venture Catalysts (Read: the startup OGs) like serial entrepreneurs, angels, EIRs, exit founders, mentors, advisors, and micro-funds.
  • As the world moves towards deinstitutionalization, we want to enable Venture Catalysts by providing them a tool to launch cohort-based micro-accelerators (virtual/in-person) for people with ideas to discover them easily in one place.
In fewer words, what Substack did for writers, we want to do for Venture Catalysts.
What's that about a Karma Economy?
Before we jump into that, you probably need to know a little backstory -
In order to sync-up as a team and get to understand each other’s perspectives, we ended up in Goa for a week! A quaint villa was turned into a Hacker House where we reached a lot of important realizations, highs, and lows - all as a team and as individuals.
What happened in Goa?
In the spirit of building in public, what happened in Goa, will not stay there. Here’s what we did -
Day 1
  • We engaged in an interesting activity called ‘Linear Ideation.’
  • We wrote our individual edges and beliefs and then heard each others to find out if they were complementary or could be bucketed in similar categories.
  • While sitting down to collate our beliefs, we had one of those very intense brainstorming sessions which ran for over three hours.
Isn’t that what us startup folks live for? ;)
This exercise also made us coin ‘Karma Economy’ - just like Patreon kickstarted the Passion Economy for hobbies and OnlyFans kickstarted the Creator Economy for Gen-Z, this one’s for Venture Building.
The reason why we love these two words so much is because they perfectly capture our philosophy. Venture Catalysts have always been an under-utilized resource, who have been giving-back without much in return. We simply enable them to monetize their venture building expertise.
Day 2
The next day was for testing our Hunch.
  • We started rapid validation by contacting every Venture Catalyst we knew of.
  • The ask was simple - ‘If we invite you to start your own micro-accelerator, would you start one?’
We got more than 50 ‘YES’ in two hours! :D
Days 3 and 4
We spent the next two days working on our pitch deck.
  • Lots of processes were streamlined, and we gained more clarity about what we were set out to do.
  • Of course, lots of WOAHs were thrown around and lots of hopes were built.
You can view our prototype and pitch deck here.
A sneaky picture from our ideation on Thursday.
A sneaky picture from our ideation on Thursday.
Day 5
We built roadmaps for Strategy, Product and Marketing - falling under each of our strengths as a team.
The last two days, of course, were for exploring Goa and spending time together as a team.
Okay, what's next?
The journey is long, but fresh and exciting!
  • This week entailed a lot of research, strategy and getting back in the groove.
  • Product validation from the ecosystem OGs are in full-swing, and we are constantly identifying the right micro-accelerators to reach out to and talk with.
  • We’re looking for deeper insights in the accelerator playbook space. 
  • We are also seeking seed-funding to kickstart our venture. Here’s the pitch deck if you’re interested or know someone who is :)
Question for you...
What is an alternate word for Venture Catalysts? 
You can simply reply to this email :)
That's it, Folks!
We believe that the next generation of founders will be Internet-first and path-breaking ideas will come from anywhere in the world.

If you support this hunch, hop along on the journey of Acapella.

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We promise, the best is yet to come ;)
Until next week,
Team Acapella.
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Shashikiran Rao

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