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acapella - we are back, new and refreshed
By Shashikiran Rao • Issue #13 • View online
The last few weeks have been all about validating, addressing some very relevant, deep questions that were thrown at us and building something for the future.

And that is what we did.
Today we are live & you can learn more here.
Why workbenches you ask?
👷There are a lot of places on the internet where you can share, learn & chat about what you are building. But there’s no place where you can actually collaborate & build. Enter acapella.
🏋️‍♀️ Entrepreneurs learn from experiential knowledge. We know it from our personal experiences. So we built acapella to unbundle experiential knowledge, turn it into a playbook, configure on acapella & voila! You have a guided workbench.
🌐 We realised the web 3.0 world hates middle men, so we anchored our new direction to self-organisation. No gatekeepers, on demand support for all kinds of ideas, projects & products.
✍️ People write blogs, tweetstorms & newsletters to share knowledge & build communities. We now add another option. Turn existing content into playbooks & let your community follow your path to success.  
Our mission remains the same: #leavenoideabehind - provide support to all kinds of ideas coming from anywhere in the world.
Do you want to launch a workbench? Set it up once and it can run on auto-pilot if you are short on bandwidth. Here are some use cases
  • Turn existing content from a blog, tweetstorm or book into a workbench. Let others follow the steps you took on your path to success
  • You’re running a venture learning programme? Curate a workbench to scale your reach, test a new vertical or geography
  • Investors & syndicates: pre-qualify your funnel by turning your investment thesis into a workbench
🚀 Get involved
Interested in chatting with us? You can find time with us here.
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Shashikiran Rao
Co-founder, acapella
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Shashikiran Rao

We want to provide guided, OnDemand venture building knowledge to every entrepreneur in the world

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