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Acapella - Unbundling Accelerators is a Profitable Business!

Acapella - Unbundling Accelerators is a Profitable Business!
By Shashikiran Rao • Issue #6 • View online
Hi there,
It is almost unfair how venture-building platforms like accelerators are restricted to a select few types of companies. When we looked deep into this world of venture-building ecosystem, we realised that the flywheels of the system need to be rearranged - to stay in touch with the changing times and changing behaviours in the world.
At Acapella, our mission is to build infrastructure and ecosystem for founders from anywhere in the world working on any kind of idea or business to find quality help on the internet.
This is our effort to build a community business in public and any thoughts and ideas that you might have will help us go a long way in solving this problem.
BTW, in case you haven’t read our previous issues, you may do so here.

😎 This Week's Update!
  • We opened our digital office on Clubhouse this week. You may join the club here to get a notification whenever we are online.
  • We had a mind-blowing mentoring session with Prasanna from Upekkha.
  • We hosted a open-house discussion on micro-accelerators with our partners, Foundership Accelerator and Draper Startup House. You can watch the recording here.
  • We pitched to Tim Draper, who loved the idea but thought that it was a little too early for them.
  • This week we also reached out to Google Ventures and Naval Ravikant for raising funds. Keeping our fingers-crossed and waiting for their responses.
  • We’re building our term sheet because a couple of investors asked to see it.
  • We over-achieved our target by already short-listing this month’s share of beta-users to onboard on the platform.
🤯 What we learned?
  • We learned a lot about SAFE investment instruments.
  • We were introduced to innovations in the internship world because we put out a signal for it. Ping us if you have a recommendation for us.
  • We went deep into the world of playbooks and built a broad wireframe of our own.
  • Our point of view regarding the venture-building ecosystem has been reinforced by talking to more and more people, as they resonated with our observations of the loopholes in the system.
👀 What are we seeking?
  • Any input on who is the right kind of investor for a business like ours, who is invested in our growth vertically and horizontally.
  • Potential venture catalysts or existing micro-accelerators that we can talk to.
  • Any help with GTM strategies for a SaaS + Marketplace company.
  • Our fundraising is still open - please get in touch if you’re interested or know someone who is.
🤝 Partner Update!
We’re excited for the launch of Foundership Accelerator, an amazing initiative in the world of micro-accelerators by veteran entrepreneurs Santosh Panda and Bimlesh Gundurao. The first cohort, in collaboration with Draper Startup House is starting on May 7th, 2021. Check out more details here!
Interested in chatting further? Feel free to schedule a call with our team here.
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📩 - &
Until next week,
Shashikiran Rao
Co-Founder & CEO, Acapella
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Shashikiran Rao

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