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Acapella | Our Road to Product-Market Fit and Weekly Updates.

Acapella | Our Road to Product-Market Fit and Weekly Updates.
By Shashikiran Rao • Issue #2 • View online
Hi there,
Thank you for the terrific response to our first check-in. In case you’re new to this, you may read it here.
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Acapella is a SaaS tool to launch cohort-based micro-accelerators online/offline, and for people with ideas to help discover them easily in one place.
We are building this with the vision of accelerating world-changing ideas from every nook and corner of the world. The eco-system to support them does not exist everywhere and we are trying to solve it.
This ecosystem will be formed by the most underutilized resource, the Venture Catalysts (Serial Entrepreneurs, Exit Founders, Angels, Mentors, Advisors, Micro Funds, and the likes.) We want to enable these well-trained venture builders to translate their knowledge into building cohort-based micro-accelerators.
Think of it this way - what Substack did for writers, we want to do for Venture Catalysts.
On our way to PMF, we spoke to a lot of brilliant folks this week to collect validation. 90% of them are looking forward to running their programs on Acapella. Receiving a positive feedback call-after-call is definitely a high we don’t wanna get off of.
Here’s what we have learned:
  • Getting synchronous and asynchronous communication platforms aligned to the program is still a challenge for someone who is running the program. Misalignment of platforms and program impacts program outcome and retention.
  • Cohort-based programs are here to stay. People who successfully run the best cohorts have some things in common - making it small/intimate; buddy programs to foster peer-to-peer relationships; bringing alumni as mentors; weekly check-ins.
To beat the remote work blues, we also implemented some fun new additions to our daily check-ins.
We've started spending the first five minutes of our daily check-ins on this exercise.
We've started spending the first five minutes of our daily check-ins on this exercise.
We also joined the pilot cohort of The Explorers, run by the amazing Alberto Arenaza from The Transcend Fellowship - a selective fellowship for founders building the future of learning and work.
We are confident that it will connect us with a strong global founders’ community and the resources we need to find our product-market fit.
Interested in chatting further? Feel free to schedule a call with our team here.
Know of any early-stage VCs? We’re fundraising. Here are our deck and prototype.
We’re hosting a fun chat around ‘Building In Public’ with @thisiskp_ and @kunksed on 16th March, 11 PM IST via Clubhouse. Please set a reminder here, if you’d like.
Follow us on Twitter and hop along on our crazy, magical bandwagon. You may also get in touch with us by writing to shashi/
We promise - the best is yet to come ;)
Until next week,
Team Acapella.
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Shashikiran Rao

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