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Acapella - Nurturing Crazy Ideas, One Step at a Time.

Acapella - Nurturing Crazy Ideas, One Step at a Time.
By Shashikiran Rao • Issue #3 • View online
Hi there,
Hope you’ve had a fantastic week :)
TLDR; We’re powering the micro-venture movement by building Acapella, a SaaS tool where Venture Catalysts can run cohort-based micro-accelerators to help ideas scale from anywhere in the world. This newsletter is a way for us to reach some hand-picked special folks like you and update you about our journey.
In case you haven’t read our previous issues, you may do so here.
Now that you’re all caught up, let’s begin! 🚀

After finishing up product validation from our trusted sources and making all the necessary improvements to the prototype, we’re all set to sign it off for engineering.
Based on the amazing reception to the product so far, we’re raising funds to build and grow Acapella.
We’re currently pooling in $100,000 from Angels and early-stage VCs.
Please schedule a call with us here if you’d like to chat further or know any early-stage VCs who can get involved :)
Or, just reply to this email.
In the spirit of Building in Public, while we want our product to reach the maximum number of people, Acapella is all about building a tightly-knit community.
Starting this week, we would like to loop in our inner circle, i.e., you guys, by way of exclusive weekly check-in every Friday evening. No pressure, but if you’ve been rooting for us so far, we’d love for you to be there.
Please reply to this email if you’d like to join.
We are stoked to welcome our latest team member, Vidyadhar to superpower engineering at Acapella. 
Vidyadhar is the Founder of Speckbit, a collaborative self-learning platform for self-directed learners. He is an educator and a Full Stack Maker and has helped build multiple products from scratch. He used to run Bridge, a student accelerator program for college students to become Full Stack Engineers within 12 weeks.
He says, “having been part of accelerators and running them myself, I know what Acapella is building is the need of the hour. Accelerators and Cohort based programs are a great way of unlocking human potential. Very excited about what we’re creating.”
We also hosted a fun chat with KP from On Deck on Clubhouse. Here’s a short summary. 👇🏼
Pankhudi Kedia
We hosted a session on ‘Building in Public’ with @thisiskp_ and @skiran on @joinClubhouse yesterday for @JoinAcapella :)

In case you missed it, here are some insights that I think will help everyone. 👇🏼✨
Interested in chatting further? Feel free to schedule a call with our team here.
Know of any early-stage VCs? We’re fundraising. Hit us up if you’d like to see the deck or prototype.
Follow us on Twitter and hop along on our crazy, magical bandwagon. You may also get in touch with us by writing to
We promise - the best is yet to come ;)
Until next week,
Team Acapella.
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Shashikiran Rao

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