Acapella - Kickstarting the Micro-venture Movement!



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Acapella - Kickstarting the Micro-venture Movement!
By Shashikiran Rao • Issue #4 • View online
Hi there,
Hope you’ve had a great week :)
TLDR; We’re powering the micro-venture movement by building Acapella, a SaaS tool where Venture Catalysts can run cohort-based micro-accelerators to help ideas scale from anywhere in the world.
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In case you haven’t read our previous issues, you may do so here.
Now that you’re all caught up, let’s begin! 🚀

This week, we signed off on our product engineering to the amazing folks at Think201!
It’s a short wait before we can share it with you all, but we’re hoping you are just as excited as we are! :D
Here's our happy engineering team :)
Here's our happy engineering team :)
We’re still on our road to raise 125K to fuel our engineering and MVP launch.
If you’re interested in supporting our vision, you may have a look at this fundraiser.
Please schedule a call with us here if you’d like to chat further or know any early-stage VCs who can get involved :)
Here are some interesting things happening in the world of Micro:
Brandon Brooks
Venture Capital is in the midst of tremendous disruption.

Innovative ways of funding EMs
GenZ running wild

We’re about to see innovation across many industries at unheard of pace.
We also believe that this disruption will result in the rapid rise of micro-ventures and fuel ideas from across the globe. Read our love-letter to Venture Catalysts here.
The All-In Podcast 💧🐦
E26: besties break down the state of venture capital

-- PLUS answering fan questions on biohacking, decentralization & quantum computing

Loved the latest episode of the All-In Podcast by The Besties. Read their thoughts on the State of Venture Capital here.
Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
Include skimming through Antler’s 18-step Playbook in your weekend plans!
It is an amazing resource for founders in the pre-idea or actively-working early stages of their startup. Gave us a few things to think about as well.
Get Involved!
Interested in chatting further? Feel free to schedule a call with our team here.
Know of any early-stage VCs? We’re fundraising. Hit us up if you’d like to see the deck or prototype.
Follow us on Twitter and hop along on our crazy, magical bandwagon. You may also get in touch with us by writing to
We promise - the best is yet to come ;)
Until next week,
Team Acapella.
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Shashikiran Rao

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