Communties Connect

By Abdul Shakur

An insight into the leaders, business owners and experts who build powerful communities to grow their business.

An insight into the leaders, business owners and experts who build powerful communities to grow their business.

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Communities Connect - Property & Personal Branding - Issue #8

Care Home InvestmentsSerenity Specialist Care are experts in children's services and in need of investors to setup new care homes in the Midlands.This is just another one of our care homes going through applications.Investment: £150k cash investmentROI: 5k a …


Communities Connect - Issue #7

It's been a while but with my ears to the ground I always hear about frustrations that impact business owners or professionals. This issue is focused on social media so here's a podcast and an article that you can dive into.


Communities Connect - Personal Branding Issue #6

What is stopping you from getting started on your personal brand? Over the years I've met so many people afraid to get going so I decided to write two articles for everyone to be aware that personal branding is something very possible to every person in their…


Communities Connect - Issue 5

This week has been a little interesting as we thought about educating our community on personal branding. The fact that there's this preconceived idea that it takes time and that it can't get you sales results, we decided to talk about this. These two recent …


Communities Connect - Issue #4

Why can't personal branding be both strategic and effective when it comes to sales or growing your business? In this newsletter I'll share with you the missing ingredients that people miss out when it comes to personal branding. Here are our two most importan…


Communities Connect - 3 videos & an article just for you.

It's 2019 and I'm yet to send out a newsletter. Many of you have signed up through social media, whilst others have attended one of my meetups in London. The focus point which I believe will be of most value to you is in Personal Branding. We all have the des…


Communities Connect Issue #2 - WeWork, Vulnerability, SaaS & Sales Success

Building Communities is about helping you understand the potential you have in becoming more influential. These podcast interviews and articles are just a small demonstration of being valued, seen as a leader and building a brand people care about.Before you …


Communities Connect - Issue #1 - IKEA & The 5E Formula

Welcome to the beginning of not just a new conversation but one that has been around for quite some time. After noticing that Harvard Business Review was the only publication covering the importance of building communities, we at Etica Social Media decided to…