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There is no such thing as a small win - Rich Tales by Aarati

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Mindset about winning, Can Cryptocurrencies become money? and Betty White’s Guide to Life
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Powerful Idea
Did you start today with a victory?
Is a different question from Did you start with a victory today? Difference of #mindset. Latter gives an option of whether or how to start your day?
  • Make your bed
  • Make a wonderful coffee/tea
  • Exercise
  • Read or journal
  • Hug your loved ones 
start with things that uplift you. It has a rolling effect on how day unfolds.
If you don’t know how/where to start, asking ‘What a good day looks like?’ will help you choose few things to create your wins.
There is no such thing as a small win.
My Learnings
3 most important things about money you can’t afford to be ignorant about,
1. What you need Vs What you want?
If you can’t differentiate yourself, you will not be able to teach your kids about it. Yes, creating communities with financial wellness is a generational work. Read here about my money lessons.
2. How much money you’re bringing in every month vs. How much you’re spending?
You need not have fancy apps, begin with a paper or an excelsheet.
3. How to set financial goals and save/invest for it?
What do you need money for? when? how much? Answers to simple questions like these will get you to plan, budget and eventually invest.
Interesting Links
Few articles I came across which aligned with my thinking, some challenged my ideas and some helped me change my thoughts. I hope you’ll enjoy them too. Let me know.
  1. Small wins can come from anywhere. Lazy person’s guide to improve life 100 ways. I do number 9, and number 78 is a happy hack.
  2. Question I am thinking about for a long time Can cryptocurrencies become money?
  3. Who do you think will pay for climate change damage?
  4. Betty White’s guild to life, in 20 quotes.
It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.
~ Confucius
At this time next year, what will you be thankful you spent time on during the next 12 months?
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