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Azure Security Center Wrap - Issue #1

Azure Security Center Wrap
Azure Security Center Wrap - Issue #1
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Hi, all! Welcome to the very first, new-car-smell issue of the “Azure Security Center Wrap” newsletter.
This newsletter is intended to deliver every 2 weeks on a Friday. As with our sister publication, the Azure Sentinel this Week newsletter, this newsletter is a wrap-up of created and curated community content but hyper-focused on Azure Security Center and Azure Security Center with Defender.
So, why biweekly instead of weekly? We intend to start slow with this one for a couple reasons. First, we are still working to identify the best avenues to capture Azure Security Center community activity. We want each issue to be stocked full of great information - so, for now, about every 2 weeks seems about right. Secondly, I spend a lot of time on the Azure Sentinel newsletter so I’ll need help with this one. I have a day job, you know. :)
So, because the newsletter content is a bi-product of community engagement and participation, the newsletter itself will be a team effort. Currently myself and Nathan Swift are combing the highways and bi-ways for content, but we’re in active search mode for others to help. Heck - some of those others could actually be some of you. That’s something we’re thinking about, so stay tuned to that.
I want to thank you all for the mighty effort to get this newsletter kicked-off. I posed the question about a potential Azure Security Center newsletter a few weeks ago and the response was huge and hugely positive. It was a resounding “YES!” that this newsletter is necessary. Then, we set a goal. We needed a certain number of subscribers to make this effort worthwhile. And, wow. We set the bar low, but you all busted through that ceiling pretty quickly.
So, welcome everyone! Welcome to your newsletter.
The subscriber count continues to grow even this morning as I put the final touches on this issue. But, we need your help. This is a community effort. Any community effort worthwhile is driven by the community itself. There’s a few ways to help:
  1. Find something in the newsletter you like? Share it with a colleague and tell them where you found it.
  2. Share the entire newsletter with someone. If you’re an Inbox subscriber, forward the newsletter on to your best pal.
  3. Tell others about the newsletter. The link to find the archives and for others to subscribe will always be here:
  4. Send in your comments and suggestions. At the bottom of every newsletter is a way to “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” the newsletter. You can also send us your comments.
That’s it from me for this issue. I have to switch over and finish up the Azure Sentinel version.
I’m excited about this and I hope you are, too.
Talk soon.

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Things to Have
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New Things
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